Top 10 HR Management System In Bangladesh

Top HR Management System in Bangladesh

What is Human Resource Management (HRM) Software

A suite of software that automates HR functions throughout the organization. HR management system software plays a role from payroll management to employee tracking, task management to tax management, data security to enhanced administration, and many more.

Now you have a basic understanding of HRM software solutions, but it becomes challenging for an employer to select the best HRM software in Bangladesh that meets organizational requirements.

The rest of the article will review Bangladesh’s top 10 HRM software.

At the end of the article, you’ll also learn the main points of managing human resources in small to large enterprises and how you can handle the hurdles with an easy-to-navigate software solution within a click.

Let’s delve into it.

At a Glance List of HRM Software In Bangladesh : Comparison

S/NCompanyPackageLive SupportUsers
1PiHR৳2,500 - ৳6,000 (monthly)YES1 to 100+
2Oracle HRMS$4 per employee (monthly)YES1
3RoopokarContact +88 01715 37 42 37 YESCustomizable
4Zaman IT৳5,000 - ৳20000 (monthly)YES1 to 1,000+
5Jibika Plexus৳5,000 - ৳11,000 (monthly)Yes1 to 400+
6LinespayContact +88017 3007 1001 YESCustomizable
7Smart HRM৳2,000 - ৳8,000 (monthly)YES10 to 8000
8SCALEDContact +880 190 442 2133YESCustomizable
9SPARKContact +8801309000161Contact the sellerCustomizable

Review of Top 10 HRM Software In Bangladesh


PiHR, the best HRM software in Bangladesh, can lead to organizational excellence by lessening HR tasks. 

At the managerial level, effectively managing employees presents a significant challenge for employers, and PiHR excels in this task efficiently.

PiHR comes with many features. A few feature stands alone. The task management is one of the effective solutions. It allows you to create task details, assign tasks to employees, report, and full-fledged HR management system software.

Another important factor is managing organizational tax. You may hire an accountant to complete this task. In PiHR, you can easily calculate annual tax calculation.

The employer just put some details like medical and housing allowance, conveyance, and provident fund. The HRMS software solution will automatically calculate the tax.

Lastly, the employers can generate a receipt for any organizational functions for future transparency. The cloud-based system will help you to save and print memos in the organizational lifecycle.

Key features

Why choose PiHR

Pricing and understanding the nature of business is essential for selecting the best HR and payroll software in Bangladesh. PiHR offers cost-effective payroll and HR software for small business owners. The package starts from 2,500 BDT which is affordable than other HR software. From Tiny to Mid package you have access to the same features. No constraints, and no specifications.

There are numerous reasons to make PiHR your HR assistant. In Bangladesh, the small business comprises a variety of work. It includes vendors, stakeholders and stockholders. These tasks are managed effectively in PiHR.

PiHR stands alone because of its pricing strategy. The package is designed in such a way for both small businesses and large businesses affordability. The software is a perfect combination of effective pricing and useful features. This is the reason PiHR has become the best HRM software in Bangladesh.

How To Reach

Visite: PiHR
Contact: +880171342 8432

✓ Full control over the software- Absence of talent acquisition
✓ Enhanced and secured data protection - no additional cost for it - Software updates may halt the work process
✓ Data storage - cloud-based
✓ Reduce human interaction
oracle HRMS

Employers struggle when it is time to hire the best professionals. This is not that easy. Oracle HRMS flourishes among other HR management system software.

Oracle HRMS demonstrates concise data and empowers HR professionals to make informed decisions for organizational growth.

This HR software is slightly different from any other best HR management software in Bangladesh. It helps in decision-making and shows strategic routes.

The HRM software is integrated with many features.

Key features

  • Advanced benefits.
  • Learning management.
  • Oracle iRecruitment.
  • Performance management.

Why choose Oracle HRMS

Oracle HRMS prioritizes organizational productivity while fulfilling the basic requirements. It offers free upgrades so its maintenance cost is lower.

The best HRM software is not limited to core HR functions. It encompasses other functions like employee profile management, organizational goals, time tracking, mentoring and performance review and appraisal. It also offers scalability, easy navigation, application integration, flexibility and accessibility.

The software demonstrates BI reporting, business intelligence and visual feedback to get insightful data to streamline organizational operations.

Contact: +65-65012308

✓ Provide HR solutions and ensure business growth - A rare combination. - Costly for small businesses and sole proprietors
✓ Integration with other applications - Lack of customization
✓ A complete suite of HR functionalities- Software switching is time-consuming
✓ Robust employee recruitment- The user interface does not meet the standards
Human Resource Information Management System

They provide HRMS solutions to corporate, ready-made garments and groups of industries. In Bangladesh, it technically covers all the business sectors. A few companies provide robust solutions to a wide range of industries. SmartPay is one of the prominent HRMS software solutions in Bangladesh.

Key features

  • Communication system – Enterprises that have branches can collaborate to manage human resources on one platform.
  • Software integration with attendance devices.
  • Loan management – you can calculate loan installment.
  • Integrate with biometric and RFID solutions.

Why choose Zaman IT

The oldest HR and payroll service provider in Bangladesh. It has 16 years of experience. Many organizations are using this as a part of HRM software solutions. It will foster the ability to take reviews from others.

The service provider updates the core functionalities and eliminates the bugs. The service provider is considered a top HRMS software in a competitive market.

Contact: 01973009007

✓ Dashboard demonstrates the overall picture - Updates may break the normal functionality
✓ Clear identification of profit and loss curves - Integration constraints with third-party vendors
✓ Easy to use and set up- Limited customization
✓ Remote team management- Costly for SMEs
✓ Bank and loan management
✓ Asset and equipment management
✓ Accounting management
Cloud-Based HR and Payroll Solution

Jibika Plexus is Bangladesh’s modern and advanced Human Resource Information Software (HRIS). The company has dedicated research and development professionals who relentlessly update the software to meet modern requirements.

Key features

  • Web-based software.
  • Auditing – helps in internal auditing.
  • Role manager – create and assign organizational hierarchy based on approval.
  • Usage of phonetics – Bangla.

Why choose Jibika Plexus

There are several reasons for selecting Jibika Plexus. It has an industry reputation with a solid project accomplishment. It has successfully deployed HR management software in 200 companies.

The video tutorials are uploaded to the website. One can easily access the training tutorial and learn quickly and flexibly.

So, it’s a good option overall.

Contact: 01977542452

✓ The most up-to-date HR software - Deployment is time-consuming
✓ Performance appraisal system - The most unique one
✓ Face recognition attendance management system
HRMS & Payroll Software

Linespay comes with a strong platform for the employee hiring process. It offers a robust solution to employees seeking onboarding.

Another important aspect of this HRM software is access to workforce management and costing. Industries like development and NGO needs a workforce. The HR software effectively manages and controls these tasks.

Key features

  • Budget and cost calculation.
  • Auditing – helps in internal auditing.
  • Batch permissions and access.
  • Preferred currency conversion in USD – In terms of Bangladesh it is costly.

Why choose Linespay

Linespay is compatible with desktop and mobile devices. HR professionals can have full control of their flexibility. API integration is one of the factors for businesses.

LinesPay has API documentation, is connected to a third-party system, and is integrated with automatic SMS, push notifications, and email integration.

Contact: +88017 3007 1001

✓ All HR and payroll functions are in one platform - Absence of exceptional features other than common ones
✓ Features are fully functional - No modern solution
✓ Sophisticated employee management system

Roopokar offers HR software that is integrated with a comprehensive set of features.

Most of the software is used in the manufacturing industry. This industry comes with challenges like managing human resources. The impact has been seen that 80% of employers think that the business is complex for the employees. Human resource management system software can address those issues effectively.

The finest fact is it offers a reward category for the employees. The employer can give points to the assigned employee for consistency and outstanding effort. If the employer decides to perform an RM appraisal, it will show in the HR system. Everyone will be informed through the platform.

Key features

  • Bulk attendance report upload facilities.
  • Award section.
  • Corporate Scoreboard.
  • Performance Management.

Why choose Roopokar

To be placed in the top HR management software in Bangladesh, you must have the core functions of HRM software.

Roopokar is not exceptional in this case. The service provider mainly provides HR software solutions to manufacturing industries. Remember, you must manually enter the data, which is time-consuming. It requires concentration and technological knowledge to maintain the software.

Roopokar provides small two-day training at the client’s workforce and one week remotely from the provider’s office. Manufacture enterprises can get the most out of it by deploying the top HR management software in the organization.

Contact: +88 01715 37 42 37

✓ The core HR functionality - attendance management, employee tracking, and others- Need to upgrade after 2 months of deployment
✓ Performance appraisal system - The most unique one - Customization is challenging for mid to large-tier enterprises
✓ Provident fund management system
✓ Admin panel for both HR administrator and Employee
Best HRM Software

Smart HRM is a cutting-edge HR software program focusing on employee management. Small and medium enterprises are primary users of this HRM software in Bangladesh.

Key features

  • Intelligence report.
  • Multi-layer user and admin access.
  • Dynamic reporting.
  • Theme selection.
  • The core functionalities – employee management, attendance management, and leave management.
  • Document management.

Why choose Smart HRM

Smart HRM is the same as other competing HR service providers. It has less customization and a unique factor to stand aside. Other providers are in the same range, and organizations have more opportunities to consider other packages.

The price range is in the organization’s favor. One more is it allows a maximum of 8,000 users at a very affordable rate.

Contact: 01844047000

✓ Convenient for small and medium enterprises- Absence of modern technologies
✓ Self-employee management - Lack of third-party integration
✓ Data analytics and reporting- Lack of innovation
✓ Manage resources efficiently

Scaled is a comprehensive HRM solution in Bangladesh. The primary users are medium to large enterprises. It has robust and sophisticated HR and payroll services in Bangladesh. The cloud-based software is the finest combination of modern technology and exceptional features.

Key features

  • E-learning.
  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • Measure employee KPI.
  • Line managers measure subordinates’ performance.
  • Performance parameter setting.

Why choose Scaled

Scaled is a solution from the oldest software company in Bangladesh. There is no doubt regarding their industry reputation. Hrm software provides all the features and benefits. Fmcg to garments, manufacture to export, management prefers Scaled.

Contact:+880 190 442 2133

✓ Full-fledged automation from employee recruitment to retirement- Only for medium to large enterprises - mostly large enterprises
✓ Real-time reporting - Manual data entry may take time
✓ Organized number and data accuracy
✓ Minimize administrative costs, and maximize profitability


hrm software

Spark is a specialized HR and payroll service provider dedicated to the garments, apparel, textile and spinning industry. The HRM software is developed in a way that can save time, money and effort. It saves monthly and yearly expenses.

Key features

  • Roster and shifting option.
  • Night shift and overtime management.
  • Employee entire lifecycle.
  • Compatible with cloud, web and mobile.

Why choose Spark

Spark is developed for the RMG sector. Fair payment, salary disbursement, and employee management are challenging issues in the garment industry.

They develop the software to mitigate and minimize manual processes. The system is fully automated.

Contact: +880 1866 677588

✓ Especially developed and designed for the RMG sector- Need to update with trial and error procese
✓ The core HRMS feature - attendance management, leave management, payroll management, data security, and employee management
✓ Cost-effective

10. GEN-IT


GEN-IT HRMS software solution offers employee recruitment. This is a built-in feature of top HR management software. The research found job seekers look for the salary and benefits segments of the job circular. The HRMS software solution offers robust employee recruitment starting from job announcement to onboarding for clear understanding for the job seekers.

GEN-IT is simple and effective HR management system software. User interface is that much easier to operate. The software is integrated with the core HR and payroll services.

Key features

  • Payroll management.
  • Leave management.

Global HRM Software

With the aim of workforce digitization, global Hrm software takes the opportunity to enter Bangladesh.

A few of them are –

Bamboo HR

HRMS software solution for small and medium-sized businesses. The features are hiring and onboarding, HR data and analytics, payroll and benefits, employee experience and performance.


Modern HRMS software solution to manage, control, and team members. Automatic updates. Integrations, mobile apps, and data security are the main features.


Workable is a global top recruitment software company. The software’s excellence is in enterprise-grade hiring systems. Different types of collaboration tools, mobile recruiting and collaboration, expert advice, global support, and fast onboarding embark in other areas.

orange hrm

Orange HRM is an HR management system software. Specializing in people management, compensation, talent management, and culture. HR administration, ATS-oriented recruitment, employee tracking, training and development are the main features.

Why Do You Need HR Management (HRM) Software

HR software helps organizations in several ways-

  • The presence of HR software makes complex and delayed decision-making processes easier.
  • HRM software helps prioritize strategic planning other than managing employees.
  • The main benefit for organizations of using HRM software is freeing employees from intermediary roles. They can concentrate on the automation of different departments.
  • It saves monthly and yearly expenses that can be tracked from the dashboard.
  • HRMS solution helps to get instant access to the entire organization’s information.
  • HR software streamlines internal communication. It sends notifications and reminders.
  • Stay updated with government and HR compliance.
  • Reduce administrative costs and streamline the hiring process.
  • Ensure data accuracy and privacy.

Human Resource Management (HRM) Software Features you Need to Look for

In Bangladesh, job seekers apply on job boards, LinkedIn, and company portal to get a job. Integration to such platforms may ease the hiring and onboarding process.

The company has internal and external meetings. If the software integrates meeting and video call then it will be a winning one. Organizations should pay attention to these needs.

The employee portal helps employees to access information like leave count, salary, and other payments. Organizations should consider this feature.

The software has to be aligned with the core HR functions of the company.

Fingerprint devices display entrance and departure times. Sometimes the devices show inaccurate data. Organizations should ensure the device is capable of tracking employees’ entry and exit times.

Employers should consider that the software has face ID detection and RFID device integration.

The leave management should calculate annual leave, leave-without-pay, and approval. Most importantly, there is calendar integration with Skiff or Google.

The payroll system should compute salaries and tax calculations.


An example of HRM software in Bangladesh is “PiHR” which offers tools for managing HR processes such as attendance management, payroll, and employee benefits in one platform.

Human resource management (HRM) software automates HR tasks like payroll, employee records management, benefits administration, and performance tracking, streamlining processes and improving efficiency. It helps businesses manage their workforce more effectively and efficiently.

The main purpose of human resource management (HRM) software is to centralize and automate HR processes, such as payroll, recruitment, onboarding, and performance management, to improve efficiency and organization within a company’s HR department.

In Bangladesh, HRM software is important because it automates manual HR tasks, saving time and reducing errors. It also provides valuable insights into employee data, helping businesses make informed decisions about their workforce.

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