How HR Software Solves Employee Leave and Attendance Struggles

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A new study from Wakefield Research and Concur – reported by small business trends 84 percent of small businesses rely on some kind of manual process. They directly create employment for 7.8 million people and provide livelihoods for 31.2 million.

Goldman Sach reported that global businesses incur over 2.7 trillion in administrative costs. This figure will become convincing if you know that 80% of the total comes from small businesses.

In Bangladesh, YBI found that small and medium business owners must pay their monthly rent, electricity bills, loan installments, and salaries on time. As you can see now, due to operational costs, businesses are shutting down. The question arises – how can these unavoidable costs be minimized?

Instead, small business owners can now seize control and gain efficiency in solving HR troubles, such as employee leave and attendance management systems. This newfound empowerment results in significant cost reductions. 

The emerging software solutions can slash costs by up to 75%, providing relief to small business owners. For small and mid-business owners, this is more like a relief.

In this guide, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how HR software can effectively solve employers’ challenges, provide efficient solutions to those problems, and, most importantly, the crucial importance of implementing HR software in the workplace. This read will inform and enlighten you about the benefits and necessity of its adoption.

Key takeaways –

  • What are employee leave and attendance management systems
  • The Importance of Attendance and Leave Management Systems in the Organization
  • Challenges in Resolving HR Trouble of Employee Leave and Attendance Management Systems
  • What to Consider Before Implementing Leave and Attendance Management System

What are Employee Leave and Attendance Management Systems

Employee leave and attendance systems are the features of HR and payroll services.

A leave management system automates requesting, approving, and tracking employee leave and vacation. It simplifies the way of managing schedules and leave balances.

According to ILO, employees are entitled to three weeks of paid leave, which is 21 days. It includes sick leave and casual leave.

Companies subject to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) – provide up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for certain medical situations. Maternity leave is an example of this. The employee who has worked for at least one year is entitled.

Even though it varies in each country, company policy, and local government law. HR software simplifies the process of managing leave balances. In Bangladesh, it is 21 days annually.

Importantly, you don’t need to put the formula in an Excel sheet. You can manage scarce resources efficiently.

Conversely, an attendance management system automates employee check-in and check-out times, monitors historical attendance patterns, and generates attendance reports while applying attendance policies.

The Importance of Attendance and Leave Management Systems in the Organization

1. Attendance Management System

Solving modern-day complexities:

Attendance software resolves modern-day issues. To identify credentials, an employee has to enter the portal with a personalized user ID and give the attendance. But it has left with the transparency error.

Attendance software like PiHR enables you to use face recognition, geo-facing, and biometric integration to adapt to people management challenges.

Cloud-based HR software:

You don’t need to download and install software to use it. Cloud-based HR software makes it easier for you. Hiring and onboarding employees comes with paperwork. HR software enables you to store data in the cloud server.

You don’t need to install anything. All you need to do is integrate a web portal with HR software.

Reducing absenteeism:

When people are not at work when they are supposed to be. Attendance software provides real-time visibility to monitor absenteeism in real-time. It generates proper reports to individual employees in the organization. 

With the help of it, you can identify which employee is productive during working hours. This insight will help you to address the issues and make informed decisions when managing workforce culture.

2. Leave Management System


Businesses worldwide went remote— not a unique working model anymore, but a new normal. It enters the workforce in a remote culture. Not all SaaS-based HR software provides geo-facing features. It allows the set up of virtual boundaries around specific job sites or locations when they are physically present within that designated area.

In the context of Bangladesh, you may hire someone who will be working from Rajshahi. The person can only give the attendance at the designated location. It applies in the remote model.

But working on-site, things are different. You need to be physically present at that designated location. If you’re away all day, you must follow HR rules to come for attendance by any means.

Automated notification:

HR software tracks employee’s historical leave data. Per the policy, you’ll be paid for 21 days of leave in a year. If someone is taking more leaves, management will be notified automatically.

Reducing approval time:

You don’t need to wait hours for your leave to be approved. Once you say, “You required three days leave for personal reasons,” the management will be notified and approved.

Attendance and leave management systems reduce employee burnout. It works as an indicator to alert management. HR software can help tackle HR Burnout.

Challenges in Resolving HR Trouble of Employee Leave and Attendance Management Systems

Managing multiple devices:

The Organization has employees working in several departments. HR software provides easy access to the software through mobile applications and web portals.

Joining new employees requires a formal process that remains universal for everyone. Giving access to new IP addresses seems suspicious.

Data security and cyber attacks:

HR software is about safeguarding employee data transfer and numerous cyber attacks from hackers. Protecting user data is a part of preserving employee morale. It becomes challenging to ensure security.


The organization uses payroll integration, third-party payment integration, and team communication to manage businesses. Integrating all the communication channels in HR software takes a lot of work.

Limited customization:

Attendance and leave management software requires a lot of customizable options. You can create a customizable leave request approval process to reflect your company’s unique structure.

Customizations look like these –

  • Customizable leave request approval process
  • Options with filtering
  • To customize according to the company and HR policy
  • Creating, editing, and changing of strategy and policy

Data mismatch and accuracy:

Attendance software is integrated with attendance devices. Attendance is recorded in many ways, such as biometrics, face recognition, RFID, and manual punching systems.

The challenge of retrieving accurate data from devices creates work burdens.

What are the Solutions to Mitigate HR Trouble of Employee Leave and Attendance Management Systems

Now, you know the challenges HR professionals face in businesses. Let’s see what possible solutions HR software can provide regarding software security purposes.

IP Whitelist: 

A technique that allows businesses to grant network access to specific IP addresses that the organization considers trustworthy.

Organizations provide assets like laptops and computers. The organization has the authority over these things. Granting an IP address will not be a problem. Usually, employees use mobile apps to give attendance. 

Changing devices may cause problems. But PiHR gives you the solution. You can not change the credentials without permission from the admin—one user ID for an individual user.

HTTPS for safeguarding our visitors’ data:

It stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Users send data to many websites daily. It ensures the process is secured when the data is sent from any device.
For example, employees put sensitive data like billing addresses, credit card information, and passwords. HTTPS protects and safeguards these data.

SQL operations:

The HR software needs to be safeguarded as well. There are numerous cyberattacks. SQL protects HR Software from malicious attacks or hacking techniques.

Options of integration increase efficiency:

The organization uses payroll software, third-party payment modules, CRM, and internal communication platforms. Integrating these products saves time and resources.

Young professionals appreciate rewards and appraisal. Suppose the HR software provides the options for announcing the best performer for outstanding performance to another platform. Integrating the platform with statistics will reflect an individual’s KPI. It will make an organization outstanding for being unbiased and following best HR practices.

Customization and filtering:

Attendance and leave management systems need lots of customization and filtering. It allows employees to see who is on leave or will be on leave before submitting a request. Employees can reschedule the leave application with other co-workers.

Filtering helps the employer extract the exact data of employees.

Robust Dashboard:

HR software provides a consolidated dashboard. An employer can see the dashboard anytime to make informed decisions.

The dashboard presents data and tables of the performance indicator tools. It also helps you to take action where it is applicable.

What to Consider Before Implementing Leave and Attendance Management System?

Problem Identification

In Bangladesh, the owner is the only decision-maker in the business. The owner maintains attendance and leaves for the approval of the employees. Micromanaging may cause delays in achieving the business goals. 

Many businesses rely on manual employee leave management, such as spreadsheets. It leads to inefficiencies, errors, and a significant administrative burden for HR personnel. Automating the process saves resources and increases productivity.

Face Recognition-Based Attendance System

Manufacturing businesses have a variety of workforce. Face recognition is a biometric technology that identifies and verifies individuals based on facial characteristics. It allows you to track the attendance system in real-time.

It prevents unauthorized entry to your workplace. It works best when you’re in the manufacturing business.

Cloud-Based Software

Despite using attendance and leave management systems, businesses use manual processes for backup.

HR software stores the data in the cloud and maintains security to retrieve data at any time. Cloud-based software is a must for small business owners to have a leave and attendance management system.

Complex Leave Policies and Compliance Issues

Bangladesh has a diverse workforce with a variety of leave entitlements. It varies in every industry.

For example, the ready-made garments sector strictly adheres to international labor regulations. Managing complex leave policies manually becomes challenging and increases the risk of non-compliance with labor regulations. The system is prone to inefficiencies and errors. Customized employee leave management software can automate HR tasks.

Pricing and Package

The most important thing. Research the available HR software in Bangladesh. Get a list of the best HR software in Bangladesh. Compare the prices, features, software updates, and support. Please arrange a meeting with the service provider.

Ask the service provider these questions

  • Available packages and their prices
  • Is there any installation fee?
  • Do they provide training?
  • Does the update break the regular structure?
  • How many employees can use it?
  • Who has access to the software?
  • Can it be updated with the Tax regulations?
  • Does it provide an employee database?

Another thing is to measure how the software will give you a return on investment (ROI) after some years.

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

In Bangladesh, employees have multiple responsibilities due to various factors. It puts the employees in an uncomfortable zone, decreasing productivity and retention rates.

A well-functional attendance and leave management software eliminates repetitive work. Business owners should prioritize employee engagement before implementing attendance software.

Make PiHR as Your Best Partner

PiHR stands out because of its competitive pricing strategy. It starts from 2500 BDT and runs for a maximum of 25 employees. The rate is affordable in Bangladesh’s economic and business environment. Tax calculation, face recognition attendance management system, robust dashboard, privacy, and security features are undeniable in the dynamic world.

Make PiHR your best partner in reducing HR hurdles to meet business goals while adhering to the best practices.

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