10 Best HR Software in Bangladesh for Small Businesses

hr software in bangladesh

Small business owners are visionary. They know well that investing time and energy in managing attendance management, payroll, leave management, shift management, and employee tracking burns more capital. HR software solutions in Bangladesh can address those issues with an integrated solution.  

In the rest of the article, we will review the top 10 best HR software in Bangladesh. Our objective is to take a close look at the best HR management solutions available in Bangladesh.

We will get to know about this HR software modality, what features they offer, how much they cost, the services they provide, the importance of HR software and how to evaluate the best HR software for small businesses.

List of The Best 10 HR Software in Bangladesh for Small Businesses

Best HR Software in Bangladesh
Company NameKey Services
PiHRBest HR Software in Bangladesh
LinesPay Complete HRM Solution
Syntech HRM Software in Bangladesh
Jibika PlexusCloud-Based HR Solution
SmartPay Human Resource Information Management System
Roopokar Human Resource & Payroll Management System in BD
Smart HRM Best HRM Software in Bangladesh
Kormee HRM Human Resources Management
SystechHR and Payroll Software
Scaled An Efficient Management of Human Resources

Why do Small Businesses Need HRIS Software in Bangladesh

To manage a labor pool and expense management effectively, HRIS software plays a pivotal role. It’s more like transferring the responsibilities from the human to the Software. 

Do you know 75% of SME entrepreneurs are still unbanked in Bangladesh? Most of the small businesses consist of 16 to 50 employees. Monthly approximate sales are 12 to 15 lac according to some sources.   

Let us draw a current scenario for small business owners in Bangladesh.

Mr. Karim is the HR of a knit garment factory in Bangladesh. The workforce consists of 40 to 70 employees. Few of them are part-time workers and the rest of them are permanent workers.

He has several shifts. Morning and night shifts. For the part-time worker, there is no fixed time. They can check in and out at any flexible time. One shift ends and another begins.

Can you imagine how hectic is it? What if you have an HR management solution to streamline the process? 

  • Taking advantage of shift management he can manage the existing shifts. He can monitor, approve and record who is coming and who is leaving the factory. It will help him to schedule and organize the work process on time.
  • HR Payroll management software may help you to give salaries, payments to vendors, deductions, employee sanctions, disbursements, pay slips and many more

There are some quick points about the importance of HR software in Bangladesh.

Efficiency –

HR software helps manage your human resources more efficiently and effectively by automating manual processes, reducing errors, ensuring compliance, and increasing productivity.

Elimination of paperwork –

By digitizing your HR processes, you can reduce the need for physical documents, save space and costs, and avoid the risks of losing or damaging important records.

Streamline work process-

HR can automate and simplify their tasks by using HR software, such as payroll, leave management, attendance tracking, performance appraisal, and more.

Employee management-

HR software allows you to track and optimize various aspects of your employee lifecycle, such as recruiting, onboarding, training, development, performance, compensation, benefits, and succession planning.

Historical data-

HR software enables you to store and organize all your employee-related data in a centralized and secure database, making it easier to access and update information.

Cost efficiency-

HR software also helps you optimize your resource allocation, reduce wastage and overheads, and increase your return on investment.

How to Choose the Right Human resource (HR) Software for Small Businesses in Bangladesh

Choosing the right HR software is not something rocket science in Bangladeshi businesses. Identify the HR-related problems first then see how the HR software can mitigate your daily hassle.

Let’s discuss 6 primary criteria for selecting the best HR software for small businesses in Bangladesh-

Problem identification

Bangladeshi small business owners face countless challenges in managing employees, task management, attendance management, and payroll management. Identifying the core problem is the basic phase to go for an HR management solution. Analyze which HR software meets your requirements.

Full-fledged functionality –

Many small businesses may not be fully aware of the potential shortcomings. The problem comes with another problem. If you are having a problem managing attendance, then you also face issues with employee leave management. Both of them are interconnected. See if the HR software provides additional features then keep it under your evaluation.

Cloud-based solution

HR software is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. This means your HR data and tools are available to the line managers 24 hours. It is valuable if you have outside vendors because they can have access anytime. Even it is resourceful for remote employees.


See the HR management system ensures customization. If your team is expanding you need customized solutions for your small businesses.

Easy to use

Existing employees may feel hesitant to adopt new HR software in your business. Evaluate the functionality and make sure the software is easy to operate for the workforce.

Reporting and Analytics

The dashboard demonstrates the insights of the business. Make sure the analytics and reporting is accurate to make a data-driven decision.
It’s important to note that these challenges can vary among different small businesses. Some may have successfully embraced HR software solutions while others continue to face hurdles. 

By evaluating these points, you can select the best HR software solution that aligns with your small business-specific requirements in Bangladesh.

Review of Top HR and Payroll Software in Bangladesh and their Features

Not all HR and payroll software are suitable for small businesses. If you are looking for the best HR software in Bangladesh for small businesses, you have come to the right place. 

We will review the 10 best HR software in Bangladesh based on their Key features, usability and pricing. 

We hope this helps you find which HR software is right for your business in Bangladesh.

1. PiHR- Best HR Software in Bangladesh Expert Solution in Employee Management

PiHR is the Best HR and payroll software in Bangladesh for providing effective HR Solutions. The HRM software is integrated with diverse features such as attendance management, payroll software, tax management, shift management, leave management, expense management, employee tracking and monitoring, task management system, digital notice board, notification and security.

These features are effective for small businesses in Bangladesh.

To have a streamlined day-to-day HR process businesses require HR and payroll software. HR management solution to facilitate daily tasks for small business owners.

Major Key Features

Let us dive into some of their features for HR management solutions-

  • Attendance management

A cloud-based employee management system. This software helps to track real-time attendance monitoring. It also provides overtime tracking, attendance management, remote attendance tracking, biometric integration and other related sub-tasks.

Suppose you are the owner of a digital repair service in Bangladesh. As the business model is service-oriented it is obvious that employees stay in the field most of the time.

The attendance management software will give you constant access to real-time location tracking from Google Maps.

This is not the end. You can have a live work time monitoring system. Any of your team members can check in and out using this HR software.

  • Task Management

You can manage task creation, task details, assigning tasks to employees, reporting, priority setting and full-on HR Management solutions.

The operation manager is responsible for assigning tasks. The task is getting things done by collaborating with each department.

Moving on, you assigned the team leader the previous day to get things done at a specific time. The team members are notified when the task is created and also notified when the time is running out.

When the task is finished the team leader uploads the document and marks it finished. If the task is due, you can notify the operation manager earlier by giving justified reasons.

  • Payroll Software

HR Payroll software is useful for managing employee salary structure, salary payment, salary pay slips, salary certificates, salary generation and many more features.

Imagine it is your digital payroll assistant, like having a reliable accountant beside you. It calculates and records employee payments accurately, saving time and ensuring employees get their pay on time without the hassle of manual calculations and paperwork.

With HR and payroll software, Bangladeshi small business owners can focus on growing their business while ensuring their team is paid accurately and efficiently.

  • Employee Management Software

Easy-to-use employee management software helps you track employee information, employee history, documents, work history, select supervisors, generate reports, create hierarchy charts, and much more. 

Employee management software has the following sub-features

  1. Employee personal information like contact, email address, phone number, blood group, joining date
  2. Employee documents such as CV, Educational Certificate, character certificate, certification.
  3. Employment history like previous company’s name, work duration, previous salary statement
  4. Employee experience certificate, NOC can be stored HR software 
  5. The organogram like who is under who, employee transfer documents, previous and current designation and promotion are available in the cloud based HR software

This is not the end. There are other related features-

Pricing comes with different packages. Starts from 2000 BDT monthly to 5000 BDT respectively.

We will compare the detailed pricing table in the rest of the article. 

PiHR contact +88017 1342 8432

2. LinesPay - Complete HRM Solution

LinesPay is primarily used for HR-related activities. A digital platform for monitoring Human resource management.

It provides hiring, managing employees, tracking time and attendance, generating payroll, training, performance appraisal, final settlement, and exit clearance and is intrinsically linked with the newest technology of LinesPay.

Major Key Features

  • Recruitment and selection 
  • Final settlement 
  • Training and development 
  • Performance appraisal 
  • RMG compliance  

LinesPay contact +88017 3007 1001

3. Syntech - HRM Software in Bangladesh

A program to handle HR and payroll activities with excellence. An HRIS software in Bangladesh.

This software incorporates such tools for hiring people and managing employee tasks. It offers a robust HR management solution.

Major Key Features

  • Employees detail profile module
  • Employee Performance Evaluation Module
  • Employee Training Module.
  • Employee Termination and Pension Module.
  • Employee Recruitment Process Module.
  • Structuring and Generating Salary 

Contact: +880 1715 054769

4. Jibika Plexus - Cloud-Based HR Solution

Leading HR, attendance & payroll automation software company in Bangladesh.

A customized cloud-based payroll software. Dedicated to customization of the HR & Payroll software as per the client’s requirements.

Jibika Plexus provides a multi-layer approval system and offers valuable insights into HR data. Through continuous development and improvements, it has evolved into one of the leading HR information software solutions in Bangladesh.

Major Key Features

  • Access Privileges
  • Personnel
  • Appraisal
  • Attendance
  • Payroll
  • Loan Manager
  • Reports

Contact +8801977542452

5. SmartPay - Human Resource Information Management System

SMARTPAY is the product of Zaman It. An HR and payroll software in Bangladesh. It is a responsive and modern software developed using a modern framework, specifically crafted for efficient company employee management.

The HR software manages HRIS Database Records, data collection, data protection and data stored. It helps to generate progressive reports, enhances the communication system, automated attendance facility and cross-functional dashboard.

With 16 years of dedicated experience in HR and payroll software in Bangladesh, the HR management solution got immense popularity among small business owners.

Major Key Features

  • Employee information management system
  • Attendance management system
  • Payroll management system
  • Asset & equipment management
  • Expense & income reports
  • Employee Leave Management System 
  • Dynamic report system 

Contact +8801973009007

6. Roopokar - Human Resource & Payroll Management System

Roopokar offers a human resource and payroll management system to manage manpower perfectly.

The software features an employee portal where you can access all the pool of information. Additionally, it offers a dedicated announcement section, a comprehensive leave management system, and shift scheduling capabilities. 

Major Key Features

  • Employee Management
  • Performance Management
  • Leave Management Module
  • Attendance Management
  • Payroll Management Module
  • Provident fund management system
  • Resume Management

Contact +880 1730642525

7. Smart HRM -Best HRM Software

HRM software is designed to automate human resource business processes, transactions, payroll, and compliance. 

HRM systems allow companies to focus on people management by streamlining all workforce software into one business intelligence solution.

It helps to have HR setup, employee information, salary setup, salary setup, attendance management, payroll, leave management and many more.

Major Key Features

  • Faster Attendance process and payroll creation.
  • Leave management 
  • Document management
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Managing the type of work of employees
  • Limitless business intelligence reports

Contact +880 1844047000

8. Kormee HRM -Human Resources Management

Kormee is an application designed to simplify the task of human resource management.

It enables business owners to efficiently handle diverse aspects such as personnel information, leave management, attendance tracking, overtime management, shift scheduling, training management, payroll processing, provident Fund administration, bonus distribution, gratuity calculations, performance Appraisal, manpower planning, and Income tax management.

Major Key Features

  • Attendance management
  • Loan and advance Management
  • Payroll management  
  • Bonus Management
  • Training Management
  • Income Tax Management

Contact: +880 1755516554

9. Systech

HR & Payroll Software is a user-friendly and powerful tool that saves time. Pay your employees swiftly and effortlessly with just one click.

Major Key Features

  • BI dashboard 
  • Automated attendance 
  • Production based salary 
  • Leave management 

Contact: +880 248 951 636

10. Scaled - Efficient management of Human Resources

Scaled is a payroll management software. The product belongs to Southtech Group. One of the renowned and leading IT professionals from Bangladesh.

This software is beneficial for small, medium and large businesses.  It has 12 modules to minimize operational costs. This HR and payroll software allows you to effectively organize HR-related activities. It also reduces administrative costs.

Major Key Features

  • Recruitment Module
  • Mandatory Modules
  • Activity Tracking Modules
  • Payroll & Subsequent Modules
  • Growth & Benchmarking Modules

Contact: +880 190 442 2133

Here is a detailed review of the best HR software in Bangladesh. You can visit their website or contact the support team for comprehensive information.

HR Software in Bangladesh - Price Comparison

Company NameKey Services
  • Package-Tiny - 2,000 BDT / Monthly
  • Package Small - 3,500 BDT / Monthly
  • Package Mid - 5,000 BDT / Monthly
  • Package-Large: Contact +88017 1342 8432
  • Standard: 2,00,000 BDT
  • Plus: 4,00,000 BDT
  • Pro: 6,00,000
  • LinesPay Custom: Contact +88017 3007 1001
  • Contact +880 1715 054769
  • Single-unit Multi-user - 2,00,000 (Corporate Edition)
  • Basic package - 1 Lac Taka
  • Contact +880 1730642525
Smart HRM
  • Starter - 2,000 BDT
  • Basic - 3,000 BDT
  • Advanced - 3,500 BDT
  • Premium - 4,500 BDT
  • Gold - 5,500 BDT
  • Diamond - 8,000 BDT
Kormee HRM
  • Contact +880 1755516554
  • Contact +880 248 951 636
  • Contact +880 190 442 2133

Final Thoughts

When choose the HR software for your business, make sure it fits all the criteria you are looking for.

So far we have discussed comprehensively the best HR software, features, pricing and challenges in this article. 

It’s not about the software you are using. More about error-free recording, transaction and transparency.

PiHR has a diverse clientele in different industries. Ranging from small business to large business. They offer robust functionality and endless features to streamline the work process.  

We hope this list helped narrow your search to find the perfect HR software for your business needs.

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