What are the Key Features of Face Recognition Time Attendance System

face recognition attendance system

A face recognition time attendance system is crucial for recording your employees’ real-time attendance. Face recognition biometric attendance system uses software that has facial recognition technology.

Manually tracking attendance is a time consuming process. That’s why an automated attendance system using face recognition has become a popular choice in companies.

What are the advantages of a face recognition attendance management system? What are its features? We have prepared the ultimate guide to take you through all these questions.

What is a Face Recognition-Based Attendance System

An automatic face recognition attendance system allows you to track your employees’ attendance in real-time. Gone are the days of manually checking everyone in. An attendance system based on face recognition is the golden creation of this era of automated technology.

Lately, companies are moving towards a contactless future. Starting from money transactions to tax payments. Hence, it makes sense to change our age-old manual check-in attendance systems.

An automatic attendance management system using face recognition is the next direction of the world’s technological advancement. This incorporates cutting-edge facial recognition technology to form software that creates a face recognition-based attendance system.

The technology reads the facial features of your employees to confirm attendance. Field employees can also tune in to confirm their attendance via an automatic face recognition attendance system.

What are the Objectives of Using Facial Recognition Attendance

automated face recognition attendance

1. Saves Time

Picture your employees reaching the office exactly at begin time. They have to form a long line and one by one mark their attendance. An automated attendance system using face recognition eliminates this problem.

Even if you are in a meeting and you need to record attendance, the attendance system with face recognition will automatically clock all your employees. This saves enormous amounts of time.

You won’t even have to manually keep records. The software automatically keeps a dashboard of all your employees and their schedules and workloads. Our face recognition time attendance system can help you save a lot of time in your company.

2. Increases Efficiency

Saving time and increasing efficiency go hand-in-hand. When your employees don’t have to manually check their attendance every time they attend a meeting, they have time to focus on other things.

Additionally, managers can easily have access to 100% accurate data. This allows faster payroll disbursement as well.

3. Cuts Costs

Your automatic face recognition attendance system itself will clock in your employees. That’s why you don’t need to install separate facial recognition technological software in your company. This can help you cut down costs by a lot.

Additionally, there is limited human interference in this. Hence, the overall data is accurate and gathered in real time.

4. Increases Workplace Security

The most significant advantage of facial recognition technology is preventing unauthorized personnel from entering your company. Since the attendance management system by using a face recognition technique only recognizes real people in real-time, photographs won’t work. Hence, no one outside your company can enter its premises.

This will massively help your company in making sure there are no security breaches. All your employees will feel safe and secure in your office. Another important point to note is, companies are getting more anxious over digital security breaches.

Since you will be using a face recognition attendance management system, you can easily integrate that with HRMS. This will mean, no outside sources can penetrate your company’s data.

5. Increases Employee Productivity

Touchless technology allows a more hygienic environment in the office. You don’t have to worry about spreading illness or infection. You can also use an attendance management system using face recognition report to look into your employee productivity levels! 

10 Key Features of Face Attendance Systems :

facial recognition attendance management

1. Real-Time Face Detection

An attendance management system using a face recognition technique allows you to detect the faces of your employees in real time. The software which the face recognition attendance management system uses is also 100% accurate.

If you require such technology, don’t hesitate to check out the features to get the most accessible facial recognition technology software to mark attendance.  

2. Detection of Exclusively Real People

Companies often have a problem with mass unauthorized attendance. Outsiders can easily access someone’s photograph with their consent and enter the company premises. An automatic face recognition system uses technology to only recognize real people. 

3. Tracks Employee Attendance Offline

Current attendance systems often use the Internet for their attendance tracking. However, PiHR has the perfect biometric attendance system face recognition software. You don’t need internet connectivity to clock in your employees!

4. HRMS Integration

Using face recognition time attendance management system you can easily clock in attendance. But that’s not all. You can also integrate your attendance system with your HRMS (Human Resource Management System). 

5. Ease of Use

The most important feature of any technological software is its ease of use. If your face recognition for the attendance system is great but nobody can use it, it’s a useless piece of technology.

Luckily, PiHR has face recognition biometric attendance system software that checks all boxes. Our software is easy to set up, easy to use, and very affordable. That’s the trifecta you should be looking for!

6. Remote Attendance Tracking

Using this software, you can also easily track employees during remote operations. This is very useful for field operations when everyone is not in the same place, or also days when someone is working from home. 

7. Shift Management

PiHR allows you to be able to manage your rosters easily. This is the best shift management and attendance solution you can find at this price point. It’s very important to be able to navigate all your employees’ shifts without disarray. Otherwise maintaining productivity becomes difficult.

8. Employee Leave Management

When you have hundreds of employees working for you, it’s important to track their leaves. Face recognition time attendance systems allow startups to do just that. You don’t need spreadsheets or any other complicated manual systems. With just one software, you can easily track all of their leaves!

9. Employee Tracking

Track your employees easily using this software, with its employee tracking feature. You can track your employees in real-time, prepare a tracking report, track their locations, etc, using the most affordable software plan. This is very important during field operations!

10. Security

Not only do we help with employee tracking, employee management, and face recognition time attendance, but we also help with security. Keeping your data protected and secured is of utmost importance. That’s why, using software that allows your data to be encrypted and safe is the most important solution.

Our affordable and easy to use software can easily help protect your data from all outside potential security breaches.

Final Thoughts

Embracing a face recognition attendance system offers a multitude of benefits. It has enhanced security and time-saving features. It has also contactless and hygienic solutions. As a result, organizations can streamline attendance management. They can boost productivity, and create a seamless work environment.

Contact us to explore the face recognition attendance system and automate your process.

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