10 Best Payroll Software in Bangladesh (2024)

payroll software in bangladesh

In the dynamic world of modern business, picking the right payroll software can be a game-changer for your company in Bangladesh.

Payroll software is not merely a tool; it’s a strategic asset that empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of payroll administration seamlessly.

Having trusted software to manage your payroll is essential for effective HR operations, Whether you’re a small business or a corporate giant.

To help you find the very best solution for your business needs, we’ve reviewed the top payroll software in Bangladesh, analyzing options, features, costs, and services. 

Key Takeaways from this Article

  • List of the best Payroll software in Bangladesh and their specialization
  • A detailed review of the top 10 Payroll software in Bangladesh
  • Price comparison chart
  • Top global payroll software with special features
  • Summary
  • FAQ

List of The Best 10 Payroll Software in Bangladesh

Best Payroll Software Company in Bangladesh
S/NCompany NameKey Services
1.PiHRBest Payroll Software in Bangladesh
2.LinesPay All-in-One Payroll Management
3.SmartPay Comprehensive Payroll Reporting
4.Syntech Operational Efficiency and Transparency
5.Roopokar Data Management in Manufacturing
6.Jibika PlexusComprehensive HR Solution and Business Intelligence
7.Soft IT Security High Flexibility and Diverse Modules
8.Systech Digital Ltd.Cloud-Based HR and Payroll Solution
9.Web For Solution Ltd. Dynamic Equations and Multilingual Clarity
10.Dusra Tailored Payroll Solutions

Review of the Top Bangladeshi Payroll Software Company

1. PiHR: The Best Payroll Software in Bangladesh

PiHR is the Best payroll software in Bangladesh due to its unmatched capabilities in streamlining payroll processes effectively. Having been trusted by over 400 companies, it stands out for providing efficient HR and payroll features and a dedicated commitment to excellence, making it an ideal choice for businesses of any size.

This software is integrated with essential payroll services like managing your employee salary structure, creating salary certificates, salary generation, salary payment, along with more features. 

PiHR excels in providing not only essential HR features but also advanced functionalities specifically tailored for seamless payroll management.

Without the hassle of manual calculations and paperwork, this software efficiently records and calculates employee payments accurately, saving time and ensuring employees get their pay timely. 

This software has all the major payroll features to provide you with a complete and effective payroll solution.

Some of the features are-

Salary Structure

This software helps you create salary structure types, allowing for varied setups through breakups or consolidated formats, assisting you to generate seamless salary within seconds. 

Salary Pay Slip

With this software, employees can access their payslips during salary disbursal, either from an admin or HR, through email after salary generation, or directly within the PiHR app, providing comprehensive breakdowns of adjustments, taxes, and deductions.

Salary Payment

Managers can choose payment methods like bank transfer, cash, or cheque through PiHR, and administrators can easily add bank templates for streamlined salary disbursement.

Loan Management

This software simplifies loan management, allowing employees to apply for advance salary or loans, with supervisor approval/rejection options, and offering flexibility in adjusting loans with salary or cash.

PiHR shines with its advanced functionalities, including tax calculations, expense management, and a user-friendly interface, along with having the best payroll software price in Bangladesh.

Additionally, their highly configurable options allow for system customization tailored to your needs.

More Major Key Features

  • Salary Payment
  • Pay slip management
  • Salary Certificate
  • Salary Generation
  • Automatic tax calculations
  • Expense management
  • Tax management
  • Bank payment templates

Whether for small or large enterprises, PiHR is the premier option, simplifying payroll procedures and providing efficiency, establishing itself as the top HR and payroll management software in Bangladesh. 

Contact Info: 

  • Website: PiHR
  • Contact no: +880 1713428432
✓ Trusted by 400+ companies- Employee profiles could be more detailed
✓ Powerful data security- Limited details on advanced customization
✓ Customized salary certificate

2. LinesPay: All-in-One Payroll Management

LinesPay, developed by Divine IT Limited, is one of the most reliable payroll software in Bangladesh.

It stands out with its wide coverage, encompassing all employee records in a single centralized system. 

With a focus on delivering a modern and advanced payroll system, LinesPay excels in providing essential payroll features like generating salary reports, loan reports, and handling deductions and allowances with exceptional ease.

The software runs independently on any platform, ensuring flexibility and real-time monitoring, making it a noteworthy feature.

Major Key Features

  • Automated Salary Calculation
  • Salary Statement Reports
  • Bulk Salary Refunding
  • Variation Accountability

Contact Info:  +8801730071001

✓ All-In-One Nature- Limited insight into customer support
✓ Modern Payroll Management- More information on integration capabilities needed
✓ You can run its software independently on any platform

3. SmartPay: Comprehensive Payroll Reporting

SmartPay, developed by Zaman IT, a reputable name in the software industry, is one of the best payroll software in Bangladesh. SmartPay is developed with PHP and MySQL under the CI framework, making it a reliable choice for many businesses.

It provides core HR functions and simplifies provident fund processes, covering balance checks, withdrawals, deposits, and loan tracking.

The software meticulously organizes salary-related documents, including allowance sheets, pay slips, bank sheets, and deduction sheets. Additionally, the software excels in deduction tracking, ensuring a thorough and transparent record of all relevant information. 

Furthermore, this software also handles tax calculations, payroll administration, and automated reporting simplifies decision-making. SmartPay continues to redefine payroll management, offering a seamless solution for businesses in Bangladesh.

Major Key Features

  • Salary Reporting
  • Expense Reports
  • Salary Type Setup
  • Allowance Sheets

Contact Info: +8801973009007

✓ It helps understand financial gains- Not that affordable for small businesses
✓ Comprehensive Reporting- Limited Customization
✓ Real-Time Tracking

4. Syntech Solution Limited: Redefining Efficiency and Transparency in Payroll

Syntech Solution Ltd. is a company that stands as a top payroll management software company in Bangladesh, offering robust payroll software that seamlessly integrates features to benefit both administrators and employees.

This software system offers a comprehensive reporting mechanism, generating insightful reports on branch performance, employee data, payroll details, and bonuses.

A standout feature is the software’s ability to generate pay slips with a simple click, ensuring convenience for all parties involved.

Employees can effortlessly retrieve details about duty, and pay policies through its intuitive interface. It also offers a centralized database, enabling real-time monitoring of employee status and precise salary calculations based on duty. 

In a nutshell, Syntech Solution Limited’s payroll services not only optimize operational efficiency but also contribute to building a transparent and harmonious work environment.

Major Key Features

  • Effortless Pay-Slip Generation
  • Holistic Employee Management
  • Information Accessibility
  • Centralized Database

Contact Info: +880-1715-054769

✓ Operational Efficiency - May face some learning curve challenges
✓ Values transparency and accessibility- Setup can be time-consuming
✓ Real-time monitoring

5. Roopokar: Where Data Management Meets Precision

Roopokar, a prominent IT company in Bangladesh, offers a comprehensive payroll solution, especially in the manufacturing sector. 

Roopokar’s payroll module allows for seamless processing of salary, bonuses, and allowances, offering a user-friendly interface for hassle-free transactions.

Its payroll-centric features ensure efficient salary administration and generate detailed reports, including salary-wise reports, increment reports, and deduction reports, empowering organizations with valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

Its payroll features incorporate advanced security measures, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive payroll data. 

Roopokar’s HR and payroll software is highly customizable, catering to the unique needs of different businesses.

Major Key Features

  • Increment management
  • Bonus/allowance management
  • Loan management
  • Offline and Online Operation

Contact Info: +88 01730 64 25 25

✓ Bangla Language Support- Integration Details Lacking
✓ Robust Data Backup- Lacks the extent of customization possible
✓ Extremely Fast Implementation and Support

6. Jibika Plexus: A Comprehensive Payroll Solution

Jibika Plexus is a web-based payroll software in Bangladesh, that offers an integrated solution for efficient HR management. The system excels in payroll responsibilities, offering an advanced payroll system to simplify payroll processing. 

This smart web-based system is not only efficient but also accessible on various devices, reducing the need for paperwork by a significant amount.

Jibika Plexus boasts a multi-layer approval system, an employee evaluation system, and a flexible payroll that adapts to your specific settings.

With its comprehensive functionalities, Jibika Plexus emerges as a top payroll software in Bangladesh, streamlining enterprise operations seamlessly, making it an excellent choice for businesses

Major Key Features

  • Daily OT & Wages Reports
  • Loan tracking
  • Salary scheme set-up.
  • Audit manager

Contact Info: +880 1977 542 452

✓ General and PF loan- Small businesses may find certain functionalities complex
✓ Monthly EMI recover- Cost-effectiveness may vary
✓ Comprehensive Business Intelligent Reporting

7. Soft IT Security: Flexible Solutions for Payroll Management

Soft IT Security emerges as one of the top-most choices, offering an affordable and efficient HR management and payroll solution in Bangladesh. 

Soft IT Security’s focus on flexibility and adaptability allows organizations to tailor their HR management strategies, fostering enhanced employee productivity.

The comprehensive modules, particularly in payroll, offer a seamless experience; focusing on the payroll features, and offering a multifaceted system that efficiently handles functions like promotions, increments, deductions, and more.

The user-friendly interface and customizable modules make it easy for businesses to track HR functions seamlessly.

This payroll software, with its diverse objectives and customization options, positions Soft IT Security as a reliable partner for businesses seeking an integrated and efficient solution.

Major Key Features

  • Loan Management
  • Increment Modules
  • Promotion Modules
  • Affordability 

Contact Info: (+88) 01719-131305

✓ High flexibility- Potential maintenance complexity due to customized nature
✓ Skilled, experienced developers ensure quality- Limited Off-the-Shelf Options
✓ Diverse range of modules

8. Systech Digital Limited: Flexibility Redefined in Payroll Solutions

Systech Digital Limited is a cloud-based Payroll software in Bangladesh, that stands as a beacon of reliability and excellence for 20+ years in service.

Their software generates detailed reports covering branches, employees, payroll, and bonuses.

The system encompasses various modules such as employee, loan, payroll, production, etc. When it comes to the employee salaries, its customized calendars leave no room for error or late payments.

With an informative dashboard, payroll processing, and multi-layer security, the software streamlines business operations, making it an essential tool for success.

Major Key Features

  • Instant Data Access
  • One-Click Reports
  • Informative Dashboards
  • Multi-Layer Security

Contact Info: +88 01844527159

✓ 20+ years of experience- Lack of Specific Payroll Features
✓ Customized Calendars, making it error-free- Could be more precise about pricing
✓ 24/7 support

9. Web For Solution Ltd: Optimizing Payroll Management

Web For Solution Ltd. takes pride in offering top-notch Payroll software in Bangladesh, honing its expertise in this domain since 2000.

Specializing in Payroll Management, this software handles complex payrolls effortlessly with powerful formulas and parameter-based salary structure creation.

It is designed to handle various intricacies associated with employee compensation. Its dynamic Salary Head Information system, available in both English and Bangla, ensures clarity.

With grade and scale-wise payroll policies, businesses can customize dynamic equations for salary calculations, extending its flexibility to taxation, bonus management, and Gratuity calculations. 

Web For Solution Ltd. positions itself as an ideal partner for businesses seeking streamlined and optimized payroll processes in Bangladesh, ensuring functional and quality solutions for clients’ needs.

Major Key Features

  • Dynamic Equations
  • PF and Gratuity Calculations 
  • Taxation Expertise
  • Bonus and Arrear Management

Contact Info: +8801720012350

✓ Multilingual Clarity- May require an upfront cost for implementation.
✓ Expertise in managing Provident Fund and Gratuity calculations.- Robust system comes with a learning curve
✓ One-year free support

10. Dusra Soft: Tailored Solutions for Payroll Management

Dusra Soft’s flagship product, Dusra, is at the forefront of transforming workplace productivity through its innovative Payroll Management Software.

This software stands out for its specialization in effective payroll management solutions, offering customized software tailored to client’s specific needs. It provides features including personalized salary structures, individual employee profiles, payment slip creation, and comprehensive HR management.

Dusra ensures quick tailored development, security, error-checking, and user-friendly interfaces for a seamless payroll management experience.

Major Key Features

  • Customized Salary Features
  • Tailored Payment Slips
  • Error-Free Precision
  • Basic HR Management

Contact Info: +8801714-691963

✓ Reduces costs compared to traditional payroll service approaches.- May involve an initial investment, impacting short-term financial considerations.
✓ User-friendly interface.- Limited customization
✓ Swift-tailored software development.

Best Payroll Software Price in Bangladesh

Company NameKey Services
  • Package-Tiny - 2,000 BDT / Monthly
  • Package Small - 3,500 BDT / Monthly
  • Package Mid - 5,000 BDT / Monthly
  • Package-Large: Contact +88017 1342 8432
  • Standard: 2,00,000 BDT
  • Plus: 4,00,000 BDT
  • Pro: 6,00,000
  • Custom: Contact +88017 3007 1001
  • Basic package - 1 Lac Taka
  • Contact +880 1715 054769
  • Contact +880 1730642525
  • Single-unit Multi-user - 2,00,000 (Corporate Edition)
Soft IT Security
  • Contact seller
Systech Digital Ltd
  • Contact seller
Web For Solution Ltd.
  • Contact +880 248 951 636
Dusra Soft
  • Contact +880 190 442 2133

Top Payroll Software Company: Global

With growing titan businesses all around the world, payroll software is a must in the realm of modern business.

Check out some top global payroll software around the world and their special features-

Company NameKey Services
  • Unlimited automated payroll runs
  • Auto-Pilot feature
  • Next-day direct deposits
ADP TotalSource
  • Employee self-service tools
  • Automated payroll tax filings
  • Native accounting solutions
  • Time-tracking integrations
  • Industry-specific payrolls
  • Report designer
Papaya Global
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Strong automation features
  • Extensive knowledge base
  • Expense reimbursements
  • Detailed dashboards
  • Knowledgeable support staff

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this article has highlighted some of the best Payroll Software in Bangladesh. When making your selection for your company, consider the factors that align with your organization’s unique needs.

Indeed, selecting the ideal payroll software in Bangladesh is pivotal for organizational success. This choice isn’t merely a decision but a strategic investment, ensuring efficient HR management and paving the way for a streamlined and prosperous future.


PiHR is one of the most popular payroll software company in Bangladesh.

Some of the best payroll software are commonly use in Bangladesh –

  1. PiHR
  2. Jibika Plexus
  3. LinsPay
  4. Syntech
  5. SmartPay

Choose the solution that provides you with the services that you are looking for, considering business size needs, usability, security, and pricing.

Undoubtedly, PiHR is the best payroll software in Bangladesh, along with LinesPay and Syntech Solution Ltd.

The easiest payroll software to use is the one that ensures simplicity and user-friendly features for seamless navigation. PiHR is easy to use along with user friendly features.

The average cost of payroll software in Bangladesh varies based on features, user capacity, and providers. For pricing details, contact individual software companies.

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