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Automated Attendance Software

Automated Attendance Software

Attendance is a mandatory part of your life. Starting from kindergarten to work life, you are chased by the ‘attendance’ thing. When you started school

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Spending too much time on HR, not your business? We can fix that..

Streamline onboarding, benefits, payroll, PTO, and more with our simple, intuitive platform.

Human resources (HR) software is a suite of programs used by organizations to manage employee relations, payroll, and other HR-related tasks. Some common features of HR software include employee tracking, salary management, tax management etc. HR software can be used by small businesses and large corporations.

From time-saving automation and notifications to intuitive online access for employees 24/7, PiHR is designed to benefit your whole organization. You’ll cut down on paperwork and get facilities of cloud data storage, data security, boost productivity, promote engagement and deliver invaluable insight, so everyone can work smarter together.

Our PiHR Software and Service cost varies depending on employees and organization size. Please click here to know more about pricing. 

We provide our customers with a monthly subscription to our HR and payroll software and support.

PiHR is secured by design, independently certified to ISO and subject to 24/7 monitoring. Other measures we take to ensure cloud-based storage, data security include strong data encryption at rest and during transfer, advanced user authentication and authorization, operation system hardening, and the implementation of multiple firewalls.

Yes, you can rely on our professional support team who will provide you with helpful support and training.

Absolutely! We know how important it is to setup and run HR software smoothly, so we provide a free PiHR Setup and core HR data upload service alongside a range of cost-effective implementation services. Also, we provide data migration services from other HR software.

Any company that is using spreadsheets and emails to manage the people side of their business is wasting time on admin and making life more difficult for themselves. A well-designed HR system like PiHR automates menial tasks allowing business owners to focus on the strategic work of growing the business. It improves the recruitment process, enriches payroll management, provides real-time feedback, improves employees, improves data security, helps make decisions.

The most important factors affecting your decision are things like the size of your company, the working patterns of your team (for example full-time vs part-time working patterns), and user experience. It’s important that your team actually use the system otherwise, as a company leader, you won’t get any of the benefits the software is supposed to deliver. The best way of ensuring this happens is to pick a system that is well designed. You should compare some important things like cloud-based storage, subscription plan, support when you are going to subscription an HR Software plan.

We provide important features on our hr software like attendance management system, shift management, employee leave management, payroll management systems, tax management, expense management, employee management, employee tracking, tasks management, digital noticeboard, notification, data encryption, IP whitelist, and more.

Definitely Yes! Our company is always looking for ways to improve employee engagement. One way we do that is by providing PiHR mobile apps so you can check your work schedule on the go!