Top 10 HR and Payroll Software Companies in Bangladesh (Updated 2024)

Top 10 HR and Payroll Software

Are you ready to embrace the future of HR and Payroll management in Bangladesh? In today’s dynamic world of modern business, where every decision counts, the strategic selection of HR and Payroll software can be a game-changer for your company in Bangladesh. It’s no longer an option but a necessity for businesses of all sizes. 

As your workforce grows the intricacies of managing employee data, attendance, leave, and payroll gets increasingly complex and time-consuming. This is where top-notch HR software steps in to simplify your life. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve meticulously reviewed the best HR and Payroll Software in Bangladesh, providing insights into the array of features, advantages, pricing, and services they offer.

It’s time to revolutionize your business operations and embrace the power of HR and payroll software to reshape your business pathway to skyrocket.

Key Takeaways from this Article

  • List of the best HR and Payroll software in Bangladesh with Prices.
  • The importance of HR software for Bangladeshi businesses.
  • Factors to consider when choosing the best HRM software.
  • A detailed review of the top 10 HRM (Human Resources Management) software in Bangladesh.
  • Final words.
  • Some essential questions about the best HR software in Bangladesh.

List of the Top 10 HR and Payroll Software in Bangladesh and Specialization

Best HR Software in Bangladesh
Software and companiesSpecializationPrices
PiHR (Vivasoft Limited)
  • Best HR & payroll software
  • Advanced security
  • Affordability
  • Extensive features; HR excellence
Starts from 2000৳ per month for upto 25 employees.
SmartPay (Zaman IT)
  • Robust HR
  • Unlimited users
  • Extensive payroll reporting capabilities.
Starts at 1,00,000৳ upto 100 employees.
LinesPay (Divine IT Limited)
  • Comprehensive HRM system
  • Strong recruitment management.
Starts at 2,00,000৳ upto 100 Employees.
Spark (Aplectrum Solutions Ltd)
  • Specialized RMG industry HR and payroll
Customized prices.
  • Focus on high-volume data management
  • Backup security
Customized prices.
Jibika Plexus
  • Tailored HR and payroll solutions
Customized prices.
  • All-in-one functionality-rich HRM software
  • Combines HR and project management
Customized prices.
  • Cloud-based HR
  • Real-time biometrics
Starts at 2500৳ per Month for 10-50 Employees
  • Generic and cost-effective HRM solution
Customized prices.
  • Customized payroll management software
  • Fundamental HR functions
Contact Seller, 1000$(NG)

Why Human Resource (HR) Management Software is Crucial for Bangladeshi Businesses

To manage the ever-growing workforce and expenses efficiently, HR and payroll software play a vital role. 

With an expansive workforce of over 73 million, efficient human resource management is crucial for economic progress. This is where HR and payroll software in Bangladesh emerges as a trusted ally, ensuring that businesses can scale their HR efforts to the highest.

Some quick points on the significance of HRIS software in Bangladesh,

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlines processes and reduces complication.
  • Paperless Operations: Cloud-based and eco-friendly.
  • Precision and Accuracy: Automates tasks and ensures accuracy.
  • Error Reduction: Saves time and minimizes errors.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Provides valuable insights and analytics to make informed decisions.
  • Professional Development: Facilitates staff growth through training and skill enhancements.

What you Need to Consider When Choosing the HRIS Software

Selecting the best HR software is no simple task. When choosing the best HR software, it is essential to identify your HR-related problems and your specific needs, along with scalability and customization, prioritize user-friendly interfaces, and powerful HR data analytics.

Not all HR software is created equal, and it’s crucial to understand the criteria for evaluating these systems to determine which one aligns best with your organization’s needs. 

To make an informed choice, you must consider several key factors:

i) Scalability –

Your organization may be small today, but what about tomorrow? Choose HR software that accommodates future growth, handling more employees and data as your company expands

ii) Customization –

Every organization has unique HR needs. The ability to customize the software to match your specific requirements is invaluable.

iii) Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface –

A user-friendly interface reduces the learning curve and enhances productivity by being intuitive for professionals, streamlining actions, and anticipating user needs instead of being too complex.

iv) HR Data & Analytics-

Look for software with advanced reporting and analytics tools to empower strategic focus and efficient employee data management.

v) Seamless Integration –

Ensure the software seamlessly integrates with other essential business systems, like accounting, CRM, and project management tools, promoting data consistency and efficiency.

vi) Data Security and Privacy –

HR software deals with sensitive employee data. Prioritize security, encryption, and GDPR compliance for safeguarding sensitive employee data.

vii) Fundamental Features –

Features that align with your company’s requirements and fundamental features such as employee management, expense management, recruitment etc. should be considered.

viii) Business Needs Analysis –

Start by thoroughly assessing your HR requirements and long-term strategies as the foundation for software selection.

Overview of the 10 Best HR and Payroll Software Providers in Bangladesh

Now, let’s dive into a detailed review of the best HR and Payroll software in Bangladesh.

PiHR, developed by VivaSoft Limited, reigns supreme as the Best HR and Payroll software company in Bangladesh, earning the trust of 400+ companies nationwide. PiHR stands out as it excels with its exceptional security, affordability, and extensive features.

It combines essential HR features with advanced functionalities like attendance management, payroll management, expense management, a digital notice board, and unparalleled stone wall security to safeguard sensitive HR data.

Data security is a top priority for PiHR, ensuring that your sensitive HR data remains safe from breaches. 

Additionally, their highly configurable options allow for system customization tailored to your needs. Whether a small or large company, with a focus on seamless integration and a commitment to streamlining processes, PiHR stands as the best HRM software in Bangladesh.

A Trusted Partner –

Trusted by companies such as Energypac, Pidilite, Lakeshore, Mi, Bengal-Foundation, Ahmed Food, Step, Crescent, ADT, and Bijoy-TV has solidified its position as the go-to all-in-one solution for HR and Payroll management in Bangladesh.

Why PiHR?

PiHR’s unique traits set it apart from the competition. One standout feature is PiHR’s pricing strategy.

Their pricing package starts from an incredibly affordable 2000৳ per month for up to 25 employees. This is extremely affordable HR software for Bangladeshi small businesses.

For larger organizations, PiHR offers flexible packages to accommodate varying employee counts.

Key Services
  • Real-time data insights
  • Automatic tax calculations
  • Expense management
  • Tax management
  • Employee task management
  • Attendance tracking
  • Ironclad Data Security
  • Cloud-based access
  • Advanced Customization
  • Digital Notice Board
  • Pay slip management
  • Customized salary certificate
  • Employee performance analysis
  • Leave management
  • Shift management
  • Employee performance analysis
  • Employee hierarchy
  • Bank payment templates
  • Efficient payroll processing
  • Comprehensive Employee Database
  • Integrated HR and Payroll
  • Innovative HR dashboard

PiHR is more than just software; it’s a transformative tool that drives your HR department efficiency across your organization. Whether a small or large company, with a focus on seamless integration and a commitment to streamlining processes, PiHR stands as the best HRIS software in Bangladesh.

Contact Info –

  • Contact no:  +880 1713428432
  • Email:
  • Visit: PiHR website
Human Resource Information Management System

SmartPay, presented by Zaman IT, a reputable name in the software industry, is a comprehensive HRM solution. It specializes as a robust HR and Payroll Software with an emphasis on report generation.

It provides core HR functions, including managing company information, tracking real-time performance, customizing setups, and handling employee data such as allowances, leave management, deductions, loans, and salaries.

SmartPay streamlines the recruitment process, handles tax calculations and payroll administration, and facilitates effective communication. The role permission system ensures data security and automated reporting simplifies decision-making. SmartPay is developed with PHP and MySQL under the CI framework, making it a reliable choice for many businesses

Major Key Features –

  • Unlimited User Access
  • Remote Accessibility
  • Customized Reports
  • Employee recruitment system
  • Report Generation

Pricing may worry smaller firms as it starts relatively high. It’s powerful for large firms but not budget-friendly for small and mid-sized businesses.

Contact Info –

  • Contact no: +8801973009007

LinesPay, developed by Divine IT Limited, is a growing player in the HR software arena. It stands out with its wide coverage, encompassing all HRM data in a single system.

Its unique Recruitment Cycle Management Feature streamlines the recruitment process, making it a noteworthy feature.

LinesPay offers the fundamental features you’d expect from HR software, including loan management, attendance tracking, leave management, and holiday scheduling. This makes it a suitable choice for many businesses.

Major Key Features –

  • Streamlined Recruitment
  • Loan Management
  • Attendance
  • Leave Management
  • Recruitment Expertise.

It’s worth noting that LinesPay’s pricing may not be ideal for small businesses, starting at a premium cost, but if that’s not an issue, you’ll get a comprehensive HR software package.

Contact Info –

Spark, by Aplectrum Solutions Ltd’s offers extensive HR and Payroll software in Bangladesh, focusing exclusively on the RMG sector.

Spark boasts a robust set of HR features, including salary management, bonuses, attendance and leave management, and dynamic shift management. It’s an ideal choice for businesses in the RMG industry, providing quick solutions to complex HR tasks.

If you are in the RMG industry, there is nothing better than Sparks as it is a tailored HR solution for the Ready-Made Garments Industry. But if you’re not in the RMG industry, it might not be the right fit for your organization.

Major Key Features –

  • RMG-Specific Features
  • Salary Management
  • Dynamic Shift Management.

For pricing details, contact Spark as they customize solutions based on individual client needs within the RMG sector.

Contact Info –

  • Contact no: 00971 55 6013459

Jibika Plexus is an innovative HR and payroll management software with multi-user access and customizable privileges. This system ensures data security through auto backup, simplifies leave and attendance management, and provides easy access to comprehensive reports.

Jibika Plexus also offers an advanced payroll system to simplify payroll processing. It streamlines complex HR and payroll processes, making it an excellent choice for businesses.

Major Key Features

  • Daily OT & Wages Reports
  • Loan tracking
  • HR reports
  • Audit manager
  • Appraisal

For detailed pricing and additional features, it’s advisable to contact them directly, as Jibika Plexus provides customized quotes tailored to individual clients’ needs.

Contact Info: –

  • Contact no: +880 1977 542 452

Roopokar stands out as a unique and comprehensive HRM software in Bangladesh. It boasts a range of modules, from employee information and performance to leave, attendance, and salary management.

Their HR software stands out with high-volume data management capabilities and reliable data backup features. Data security and after-sales service are areas where Roopokar excels. These are vital for efficient human resource management, especially in today’s data-sensitive environment. It operates both online and offline to accommodate various connectivity scenarios.

Roopokar’s HR and payroll software is highly customizable, catering to the unique needs of different businesses.

Major Key Features

  • High-volume data Management
  • Strong Data Security
  • Customized Solutions
  • Data backup

The pricing structure varies based on the specific solution and requirements, so contacting Roopokar for a custom quote is necessary.

Contact Info –

SmartHRM, developed by Smart Software LTD, is a top-rated online HRM software in Bangladesh. It’s a trusted name in Bangladesh’s software industry, known for providing excellent service for both large and medium businesses.

Collaborating with HR experts, SmartHRM offers cloud-based HR and Payroll solutions, featuring real-time biometric automatic attendance systems, HR loans, multi-layer access, limitless user, and a user-friendly interface.

In addition to standard HR features, it offers Performance Assessment and Benefits Management to enhance the employee experience and gives you the flexibility to automate your HR processes without errors.

Major Key Features

  • HR Setup
  • Cloud-Based Program
  • Biometric Attendance
  • Disbursement 
  • Bonus Management
  • Performance Assessment.

Pricing for SmartHRM is straightforward, starting from 2500  per month, making it a highly affordable solution. 

Contact Info –

  • Contact no: +88 01844047001

8. GenIT - A Complete HRM Package


GenIT, developed by GenIT Bangladesh, is a renowned HRM software that combines HR management with project management.

It specializes in feature-rich HRM software with added project and asset management. It offers a comprehensive package with features such as project listing, asset management, and employee performance assessment. 

GenIT also offers an awarding system for employees, enhancing employee recognition and motivation.

Major Key Features

  • Project Management
  • Asset Management
  • Employee Awards.

For detailed pricing and additional features, it’s advisable to contact them directly.

Contact Info: 

  • Contact no: +8801726764642

9. MechanixLab - A Potential Contender in HRM

MechanixLab may not be as well-known as some other players, but it specializes as a functional and customizable HR Payroll Management Software in Bangladesh.

It covers all fundamental HR software features, making it a reliable choice. MechanixLab promises to provide comprehensive services to manage all your stages to meet the needs of your businesses cost-effectively.

Major Key Features

  • Fundamental HR Software Features
  • Custom Solutions
  • All report charts
  • User Management.

As with most smaller providers, MechanixLab pricing is customized based on specific client needs, so you’ll need to contact them directly for a quote.

Contact Info: 

Dusra, by Dusra Soft, takes center stage in revolutionizing office efficiency with its Payroll Management Software.

It specializes in Effective Payroll Management Solutions, offering features like comprehensive employee profiles, tailored payment slips, streamlined HR Management, and other fundamental HR functions.

Major Key Features

  • Customized Salary Features
  • Effortless Payment Slips
  • Basic HR Management
  • Error-Free Precision.

To understand the specific costs, it’s best to reach out to them directly for a tailored solution

Contact Info: 

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up, this article has highlighted some of the best HR Payroll Software in Bangladesh.

As you choose the best HR software for your company, consider the factors that align with your organization’s unique requirements. 

In reality, selecting the right HR software is more than a choice; it’s a strategic investment in your organization’s future.

Choose wisely, and reap the rewards of efficient HR management.


HR & Payroll software is a comprehensive solution that streamlines human resource and payroll processes. It automates tasks like employee management, attendance tracking, and payroll calculations, saving time and reducing errors.

Consider your company’s size, industry-specific needs, user-friendliness, robust features, support, and pricing to find the best-fit software.

From the analysis, undoubtedly PiHR is the best HR software on the market in Dhaka, trusted by 400+ companies in Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi companies use top renowned and reliable HR software like PiHR, SmartPay, LinesPay, Jibika Plexus and so on.

HR software costs in Bangladesh vary widely based on features, user capacity, and pricing strategies of providers. For pricing details, contact individual software companies.

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