10 Reasons Why SaaS-Based HR Software is the Future in Bangladesh

saas based hr software in bangladesh

It is estimated that 70% of business apps are now SaaS-based. This number will increase to 85% in 2025.

A survey of Global Technologies shows that 260 companies worldwide found 46 percent using an HR Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. 

This is the era of digitalization. To succeed at an organizational level, every organization needs to implement software to ease the hectic process.

SaaS-Based HR software can make teams more efficient. A perfectly chosen HR SaaS software can make a lot of difference in an organization. It can improve productivity, increase employee satisfaction, help manage things efficiently, and many more.

What is SaaS-Based Software?

The full form of SaaS is Software as a Service. It is a method of delivering software or application over the internet via a subscription model.

saas based hr software

SaaS is known as “on-demand software” and cloud-based/Web-hosted software. This is a game changer compared to a traditional software model used to the emergence of cloud computing. In SaaS, you will not need to manage and upgrade manually on your local server or computers. Instead, you can create an account and be ready to use it after a few human verifications. Some of the most remarkable examples of SaaS software are Zoom, Canva, Netflix, Spotify, Microsoft, etc.

How Does SaaS Work?

SaaS is cloud-based software. A host offers an application or software, and the users interested in using the software will pick a pay-as-you-go option. The software provider hosts the application, data server, networking, data computing resources, and database. Sometimes, it can be an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) that uses a third-party host provider. The SaaS Software usually runs on a provider’s server, and the provider is responsible for all the security access and management. SaaS Software is generally accessible with an internet connection, or sometimes it can be a web-based platform.

Importance of SaaS-based hr software

With the technological boom, it is vital to cope with the technology. For that, HR SaaS software is becoming mandatory in many organizations.

Now that we have learned what saas-based software is, let’s look at why it is important.

  • HR SaaS software will automate some of the processes
  • SaaS software is automatically managed and maintained by the provider
  • Being a cloud-based software, any employee can access it from anywhere.
  • The SaaS-Based HR software helps manage and analyze any employee’s data easily.
  • This software helps to avoid potential errors.
  • It helps the organization stay on top of technological advancement
  • SaaS-Based software saves time for the management team
  • A lot of HR functions are handled easily

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10 reasons why SaaS-based HR software is the future in Bangladesh

A survey in 2021 shows that 38% of the businesses in Bangladesh are now using SaaS-Based software.

1. HR admin and payroll

As a part of the management team, you must ensure that the payroll process goes hassle-free. Also, anyone should not spend too much time on administrative work. These can make the team overall less productive. So for a smooth and error-free payroll function, SaaS-Based software has no alternative.

2. Store all employee data in one location

In SaaS-based software, information is stored in a cloud. That means all the data can be accessed anytime from anywhere. All the information of the employees can be accessed from the same place.

saas based hr software in bangladesh3. Offer remote work

You don’t need to be physically present while using SaaS-based software. Anyone can perform their work from anywhere in the world. So your organization gets more opportunities for growth. And more individuals get the chance to be employed. As a result, you can offer a remote work environment.

4. Automates manual tasks

HR has to spend a lot of time on data entry or some work that is time-consuming. This can make an employee have less potential in work. With real-time data processing and cloud saving, the software makes the work of an HR very simple and easy. Implementing SaaS software will automate the process in various ways.

5. HR Assistance

An HR is responsible for applying and announcing a lot of policies. But keeping all the employees up-to-date with the policies is a challenging task. This can be easy work if the organization is managed by SaaS software.

6. Improve performance

By tracking an employee’s performance, the management team can evaluate who performs better or poorly. A performance tracking system embedded in software can make this task very easy.

7. Employees Relations

The right HR SaaS software can improve the relationship between an employee and a manager. They can be connected all the time and share all the difficulties the employee can face; thus, the relationship will have the potential to be better.

8. Improve in-house effectiveness

Nowadays, digital work delivery is booming. So PDF transfer or working together on a project, etc. A Saas-based HR software lets you do all those works in the organization. This kind of improvement can undoubtedly save a lot of time.

9. Be Technologically Advanced

38% of the total businesses are a part of SaaS-Based software. Those organizations are now technologically advanced with their HR SaaS software. Switching to advanced software will put your organization ahead of your competitors.

10. Customization

SaaS-based HR software can be customized to fit the unique needs of a business, making it more efficient in managing HR processes.


The world is getting advanced in technology, and so is the businesses. To keep up with the technological race, there is no alternative but to be in SaaS-based software

Imagine in the 21st century, and you run a business with no technology. You will not last for a while. So the best strategy will be to implement technology, software, and SaaS software. And for the best experience with HR SaaS software, Contact us.

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