The Way to Win Your Employees Trust

win employees trust

A leader builds, grows, and repairs it among the followers. Trust is important in every aspect of life, whether it is personal or professional life. If business is the means of building civilization, then trust is the major means of doing business or running an organization.

• Weapon of Influential Leaders

The influential leaders have a great weapon. It helps them influence people the way they think. Do you know what it is?

Well, it is not greed, not compromise, rather ‘trust’!Yes, the trust.

Let’s assume you went paragliding. If the driver is not skillful enough you may have an accident, right? Whom will you choose then? Obviously, you’ll choose the guy you can trust i.e. the person capable of giving a great sky drive experience without any risk.
Well, assume again that your car engine is not working and you need to fix the problem. Can you this time rely upon the sky driver to solve it?

Most probably NOT!

• Trust is a great domain

Now think a bit, earlier you took a life risk and relied upon the skydriver. But this time you are looking for a car mechanic. Even if the sky driver can also solve your car’s problem, you won’t believe in that person! Though earlier you risked your life just because you could trust the skydriver!

So, trust is a great domain. We need to build the empire of trust. In our professional life, its significance knows no bounds. Mutual trust among employee-employers increases productivity. And productivity is essential for the growth of both employees and the company. Hence trust-building should be a goal of an employer. 

Now you might be wondering about how to build, grow, and repair the trust. Well, it’s easy to achieve if you sincerely follow the tactics below:

• Maintain proper communication and transparency

There is no doubt that transparency increases trust. In every aspect of life, it adds some extra value. Transparency to your everyday work with your employees they seem to be more engaged and intrigued by what is going on. Then comes communication, which is an essential skill. Without good communication skills, you cannot boost your business. The same applies to trust. Assume, you can’t provide a service before the deadline. Why do you remain silent? Rather, communicate and discuss the problem you are facing. Let them know. At the client’s end, this communication turns into an image of transparency and trust.

• Congratulate on successful accomplishments

Who doesn’t want to get recognized for their success? When someone does something good, he/she deserves to be appreciated. It inspires them to move forward and keep on working toward the goal. Any business entity definitely should follow this simple trick. You can use some software like PiHR to keep track of the progress. So you’ll be able to congratulate them on their success.

• Celebrate their birthdays

Celebrating your employee’s birthday can make a huge difference in how an employee thinks about their workplace. It makes them feel special and they think the organization cares about them. Celebrating birthdays we are focused on individual employees. Even if employees just take a moment to sing “Happy Birthday” and watch their colleagues blow out candles, they will return to their duties with an increased sense of unity. Sometimes it’s really difficult to remember everyone’s birthday. You can write on your note or online tool. Or if you use any HR management tools that has similar features, that will also work.

• Support vacation time

A 5 or 6 days regular work in the office may make the employees feel exhausted physically, or mentally. At some time of the work period, they may feel overwhelmed. They need a break to come back strongly. Many companies around the world provide a paid leave to overcome the situation. Paid leave has a long-lasting and more noticeable effect on employees motivation. It’s really difficult to maintain the employees’ attendance or leave. When the number of employees is big it’s even harder to maintain. HR solutions can be the right option for our organization. Just clicking on your mouse you can manage this easily.

• Ensure on-time staffing salaries

Paying a timely salary determines the overall success of your business. It helps to sustain your employees. It is also a determining factor how they will be devoted to their work. Timely getting salaries is the right of an employee. You can take the advantage of paying on time and earn their trust easily.

• Assist in managing Tax

In the modern economy, tax is one of the main sources of government revenue. Taxation is mandatory for all. It’s related to one’s annual income. Every year people face a lot of hassle at the time of tax returns. Your company can help them at that time. If your company is big you can hire a legal adviser or simply go with a software solution.

• Maintain a digital noticeboard

Days are gone for big bulletin board papers, outdated information, uncategorized content pinned at the same place. It can be quite confusing to understand the relevant information and most likely to be ignored by most of the employees. A digital notice board is a great way to get information to your employees, staff, or visitors. So, they hardly miss any notice.

• Keep the door always open for all

Open door policy for all employees is a sign of good leadership (of course we understand you should maintain some barriers). It works as a bridge with employer-employee. In the short run, you may think that it is killing your productive time. But in the long run, it increases productivity.

If you are really zealous about shining and reigning in the business arena, you can trust upon these trust-building methods!

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