HR Software for Startups In Bangladesh: Making Your Business Run Smoother

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Especially with the amazing HR teams in our vastly growing economy, the competition is tough to give your business model a wow factor. However, there are not many startups in Bangladesh that flourish their business right away. 55% of most startups have their closing within one year of establishment. So, what do they do wrong?

Most businesses in Bangladesh do not have proper managerial HR software to help them guide. After rigorous market research based on consumers’ favorite features, we at PiHR have created plans for different businesses, including startups, to keep their business on fleek!

So, without any further ado, let’s begin knowing how the best HR software in Bangladesh can help your startup flourish!

HR Software for Startups in Bangladesh

Fortunately, many different options are available to help your HR operation run smoothly. You can start small and upgrade as you grow. PiHR, for instance, offers a cheap plan starting at 2000 TK BDT for up to 25 employees and a free mobile app for employees. 

Its basic package includes a free career site, team collaboration tools, email integration, and time-off management. 

We have integrated PiHR to be a software that is easy to use and friendly for employees. It combines ATS with onboarding tools, e-signature capture, and the ability to customize workflows. We also offer additional add-ons for Payroll, Time Tracking, and Performance Management.

PiHR also integrates with third-party applications. This tool helps HR managers and hiring teams collaborate on a candidate pipeline. It also integrates with several social media channels. 

This HR Software for Startups makes hiring and managing employees easier and faster. Its free trial offers features but comes without a live support feature.

Is PiHR the Best For HR software?

If you’re in the early stages of growth, PiHR can help. It is open source and includes many small business features. HR processes are crucial to any startup. Using the right HR software will help you monitor the right people and increase your company’s sustainability and growth. 

In the early stages of growth, hiring the right people and training them properly is crucial. Hiring and training employees can be expensive if you don’t have the right tools.

Trust PiHR with a vivasoft mentality. When choosing an HR Software for Startups, you must ensure that it meets your specific needs and is easy to use. 

Don’t purchase a system that is difficult to use or requires weeks of training to get the hang of. Choose a system that provides enough functionality to meet the needs of your employees and your team.

HR and Payroll: The State Of Local Interest

When choosing an HR Software, remember to compare the features and pricing. For example, PiHR is a good solution for small businesses. 

It offers a free three-month trial for startups and allows you to trial its features. It also allows you to scale your business as it grows easily. 

The most important factor for human resource software is to be easy to implement and easy to customize, so you can add or remove features as needed. PiHR’s HR Software for Startups is a stand-alone HR software with features such as an easy-to-use people directory and org chart. 

It also offers highly detailed workflows and analytics. With bobHR, you can keep track of your employees, track their progress, and manage their time.

HR Software for Startups

Using HR Software will help you make your business run smoothly. It can give you accurate information about your workforce and anticipate any potential issues before they happen. 

It allows you to run custom reports, track employee performance, and ensure you get top-notch training. It can also help you ensure diversity in your workforce, quickly compensate employees, and streamline employee management. It is important to choose software that integrates with your current systems.

PiHR is a standout among HR software. Its automation features make it ideal for small and mid-sized businesses. PiHR takes just 90 seconds to accomplish tasks, including background checks, e-verify documents, and enrolling employees in health insurance. Plus, you can also set KRAs and manage your employees’ performance through behavioral metrics.

Why HR and Payroll Software Is Getting Popular

HR and payroll software allows business owners to keep track of employee data and perform administrative tasks on the go. Many systems are cloud-based, meaning you can work with them from any computer. 

Some can even automate tasks and workflows. They can also handle custom signatures, employee reviews, and more. These tools are often overkilled for small businesses but are essential for larger companies. The best HR software also offers a free mobile app for administrators and employees.

While choosing HR and payroll software, consider the time and effort you’ll need to customize it. Choose one that is flexible enough to handle your needs without hindering your decision-making processes. Try out a free trial to see how it works before you spend a lot of money on a subscription.

HR software for you: Is It Worth It?

When considering the purchase of HR software for your business, there are many options. It’s important to understand the different categories of packages and how they will benefit your organization. 

Before deciding on the right software for your organization, create a cross-disciplinary team to discuss your needs. This team should include representatives from finance, IT, and HR. It should also include departmental managers and other staff using the software.

This team will identify your requirements and business challenges. From here, they should develop a short list of potential vendors. Once they’ve generated a short list, they should narrow it down to five or 10 vendors.

The cost of HR software is an important factor. In addition to the software itself, the software vendor also has to pay for the hardware and maintenance of the system. The upfront cost of a PiHR package can be cheaper than an on-premises solution. 

However, if you plan to use the software for more than a few years, the monthly cost of maintenance and support can easily exceed 20% of the software cost. In addition, the cost of additional modules can double the cost of a monthly subscription.

HR Software For Startups: What Are The Costs?

The costs of hiring and training employees can add up over time. In addition, hiring a high-quality candidate can be a difficult and costly process. A PiHR solution can help. It can help recruit great candidates and sort applications. The platform can also manage employee records, track employee performance, and send reminders to employees.

Your HR management software can help you streamline the hiring process by automating many of the tedious activities that can take place over time. This includes managing your hiring workflow and offering templates for offer letters. It also makes it easier for recruiters to find, interview, and monitor employees. 

However, you’ll need to purchase a higher-tier subscription to take advantage of this software fully. When choosing HR software for your business, make sure to consider the features that will help your business the most.

What Can My Business Benefit From With HR Software

HR software offers many benefits. Aside from managing your employees’ performance, it also helps you manage administrative tasks, including payroll reconciliation, tax management, time off requests, and benefits administration. In addition to these, it can also store employee records and provide easy access through mobile devices.

PiHR users report no payroll mistakes. However, it lacks the depth of Namely, but its range is impressive. PiHR is more flexible. However, it has several add-ons, and its features can fit different types of companies. 

PiHR provides a more comprehensive set of features, but it’s not for novice administrators. The system’s back end can cause problems, so be prepared to learn a few new tricks. 

Ultimately, this product will save you time and money in the long run. This software can also help you improve employee morale and workplace culture. It can help you make better decisions about your employees.

Strategic HR Applications In Bangladesh

Good HR software eliminates repetitive tasks and allows HR professionals to focus on higher-level strategic outcomes. Choosing the right HR software will depend on your specific needs and business goals. 

It may help manage applicant tracking, onboarding, performance, and employee engagement. In addition, some HR software integrates with payroll systems.

Strategic HR applications provide solutions for long-term talent management goals. It can include performance tracking, learning management, and employee engagement. These centralized systems also allow managers to conduct reviews and track and analyze the ongoing skills development of employees. 

The most helpful ones have pre-made surveys and reporting capabilities, which makes them easy to use. They also offer quick returns on surveys. In addition to these features, strategic HR applications can help improve the overall culture of a business.


Choosing the Right Software Is Important. A well-designed HR software will help your employees and make your life easier. It will streamline the tasks that are time-consuming in your HR department. So, without any further ado, contact PiHR now!

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