How To Monitor Hybrid Work With Cloud Based Attendance Management System Software?

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51% of hybrid workers are considering moving to full-time remote work in the next year. Companies can’t rely on the office alone to regain the social capital we’ve lost over the past two years. More and more organizations are adopting hybrid work modules every day. So it is challenging to track payroll or attendance.

A cloud-based attendance management system software can help in managing hybrid employees.

Implementing an attendance management program for a hybrid work environment is essential. In this article, you will learn about implementing a cloud-based attendance management system for a hybrid work environment.

What is a Cloud-Based Attendance Management System?

An attendance tracking software that allows you to track employee activity from anywhere in the world is a cloud-based attendance management system.

It is now a widely used system all over the world. It can track your employee’s entry and exit times, shifts, project start and end times, payroll, and more.

hybrid work

In order to know the hybrid work model challenges, we need to understand what a hybrid work model is.

A hybrid work model is a combination of working at the office and remotely to provide flexibility.

The organizations introduce this model because not everyone can work at the office. Sometimes when the workforce is borrowed from abroad, in that case, the hybrid work model is used.

However, maintaining and implementing this model is not an easy task.

Here are some of the challenges faced by modern organizations.

  • Requires better coordination of resources
  • Culture substantially becomes an issue
  • Teamwork becomes more challenging
  • Connection and coordination can be difficult
  • Creativity can be an issue
  • Timezone can be a major factor to consider

Implementation of a Cloud-Based Attendance Management System Software

Here are some implementations of a cloud-based employee attendance management software for a hybrid work environment.

  • Improvement of transparency

A notable concern for the companies is transparency. This is one of the reasons why organizations hesitate to use a hybrid or remote work environment. Some workers tend to have clever ideas to skip work. Time theft is another issue. With an online attendance management system,  you can track total work time and project hours. Thus making the employees involved transparent. 

The employees put their own time of work in fingerprint attendance management software. As a result, they have all access to their own data, and they can see them anytime. They will not have to depend on any HR department for the data. 

This makes them accountable for their own work and action.

  • Generates insightful reports

The attendance management system tracks real-time data with high accuracy. This allows the management to work with more valuable data. These data help the organization with making crucial decisions.
The HR department is able to identify if there are any attendance-related issues and try to solve them. They can make decisions on if the work from home is better or the on-site option is better. 

The HR gets access to the reports and timesheets. With that, they can determine their productivity in the hybrid work environment. The decision-making process gets smooth and more accurate.

  • Tracks time efficiently

It is extremely challenging to track accurate time for both on-site and remote workers. Managing the time that each employee spends on each project becomes difficult. Every employee is responsible for different projects from different locations and at different times. Managing all of them at once manually is certainly challenging.

But, using an online attendance monitoring system, the pressure reduces significantly. The employees can input their work’s start and end times. This will give a good idea of who is taking how much time to finish each project.

The HR department can save a lot of time by implementing cloud-based attendance software. The productivity of the entire organization will get a boost.

  • Install a time tracker

Time trackers allow monitoring of all the activity of the employee while working. A time tracker will show when he sheets working, how long he takes breaks, whether he is late or not, and more.  Overall a time tracker can help employee activity sincerely, especially in a hybrid environment. 

With this, the organization can make managerial decisions. For example, the authority can look into the situation if anyone spends too much time on certain work. Likewise, If any employee is late for work continuously, the management can try to solve any issue.

Usually, most HRIS has an integrated time tracking system. But if there is none, then the organization must have a time tracker. It is essential for a hybrid work environment.

  • Create digital check-in and check-outs

It is difficult to track log-in and log-out times when there is a hybrid work model. A digital clock-in can ease the challenge. This will undoubtedly reduce the pressure on the management team.

Instead of recording individually in a traditional method, a digital clock-in and out will make the organization more effective. This will create accountability for individual employees.

Whether a particular employee is working remotely or from the office, you can clock in or out. This also allows employees to take responsibility for their own time and attendance.

  • Storage for work reports

A hybrid employee can’t access the physical storage of the organization. So the authorities have to come up with an effective solution where the hybrid employees can access the files when necessary. 

Before making the attendance tracking software live for the hybrid employees, make sure that cloud storage is available. Maintenance and accessibility are a must feature in this storage. 

Remote workers might need to have access to files, media, docs, or anything. The organization must have a could based storage system to assist the workers. A hybrid system shall provide maximum flexibility to the employees. Having cloud-based storage can take this one step closer.

  • Maintenance

After implementing any change, it is necessary to maintain and monitor the system. There could be any bugs, malware attacks, or anything to the software. Even this can happen to the cloud storage or the devices. Organizations should have a specialist to solve any issue when needed.

As time passes, any software or hardware-related issue can arise. This kind of problem can create serious issues. So this needs to be taken care of before it goes out of hand.

Besides, the specialist can explain anything to anyone if he or she encounters any problem.

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Importance of a Cloud-based attendance management software in a hybrid work environment

Now we know how we can implement the software. We should know why attendance management monitoring is important in a hybrid work environment.

  • Increased productivity

The traditional attendance recording system is time-consuming and less productive. Replacing that with a cloud-based system leads the organization to great productivity.

  • Real-time data

The software tracks and record’s the data instantly, so there is no delay in the time recording. At the same time, there is less possibility of making human mistakes.

  • Greater accountability

The information stored in the database is solely provided by the employees. With access to the software, they put their own time into the database. So the accountability increases for their own action.

  • Optimized workflow

The workflow becomes more smooth. Maintaining several shifts becomes an easy task. The hybrid environment can be challenging to maintain shifts. The different departments might start at different times. Some employees might have to work at different timezone.

  • Effective payroll management

One of the biggest challenges in a hybrid environment is payroll. One dedicated software for payroll makes that task easier. 

To Sum Up

Flexibility is a great attraction to the organization for a lot of employees. But maintaining flexibility is no easy task. To avoid this challenging task, a lot of organizations still hesitate to introduce a hybrid work environment. However, This task is now becoming easier and easier with the help of cloud-based software. 

PiHR is an HR software that will allow you to have a smooth cloud-based attendance management system for a hybrid work environment experience.  

To know more contact us.

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