How Are HR Metrics Crucial For Business?

hr metrics

HR metrics are famous because they provide valuable information to help organizations manage their HR processes more effectively. By measuring employee engagement, retention, and performance, companies can identify areas in which they need to work harder to improve these areas. 

In today’s competitive business world, every business is incorporating HR management software in Bangladesh to ensure the smooth flow of their organization. HR metrics also allow employees to see their progress over time and make choices based on their goals.

Additionally, HR metrics can help businesses determine if they are using the right tools and strategies to manage their HR department. However, there’s much more to know to make the best decision for your business.

In today’s article, we’ll be learning all about what HR metrics are, how they work, along with their importance of it in various business styles. If you’re wondering why you should be getting HR metrics as well, we’ll be elaborating all about it. Thus, without any further ado, let’s read on more!

What Are HR Metrics?

HR metrics can track employee productivity, motivation, and retention. For example, calculating the number of days employees stay absent can help managers identify the problem areas of a company. 

High absenteeism rates may indicate that management isn’t doing their job or that a division or manager isn’t performing to standard. Knowing these numbers can help HR take action before problems escalate.

HR metrics provide crucial data to executives who use them to make informed decisions. You can also use them to inform the rest of the senior management team, ensuring that all aspects of the business are managed. You can summarize metrics into dashboards that communicate critical information clearly and concisely.

hr metrics

How Are HR Metrics Crucial For Business?

Once you know what strategic HR  metrics are most important to your organization, you can use this information to improve your overall company performance. The data you gather can be used to make strategic decisions and implement new programs. 

HR metrics can also help you determine the cost of hiring a new employee. This can help you improve your onboarding procedures and streamline your managing process.

Attendance Management

There are several HR metrics you can track to improve employee performance. One of these is absenteeism, which measures the number of time employees misses from work. 

This is a good HR metric to track because it can give you insight into which areas of the company have the highest absenteeism rates. It can also help you to spot emerging patterns of sickness.

Keep Track Of Employees Shifts

Another important metric to track is the number of employees. You can use this information to re-engineer or reinvent your HR processes. 

In addition, you can track different kinds of metrics to see which initiatives are working and which ones are not. Once you know what metrics are important, you can use these tools to improve your overall delivery of HR services.

Employee Management

Another useful HR metric is employee engagement. Knowing how much time people spend at work will help you make better decisions. The same can be said for diversity in the workplace. 

When you know your employees’ satisfaction levels, you can determine whether they are motivated and engaged. In addition, you can also track their PTO balances to see if they need more time off.

Task Management

If you’re a service company, tracking employee turnover is important. These statistics can help you see if you need to adjust your hiring or onboarding process. 

Employee turnover and expenses can cost as much as 30% of a company’s salary, so tracking these numbers is a good way to measure your retention strategy. This metric can be calculated using a simple formula or a tool like PiHR.

Expense Management

One of the most common HR metrics is the percentage of revenue spent on HR. This includes direct and indirect costs such as recruiting, training, and legal fees. 

It is also essential to keep track of employee referral programs. This metric can help you understand your company’s referral program’s performance.

Payroll Management

When it comes to balancing the payrolls of various employees at once, PiHR can make your work a lot easier. 

The automatic payroll management system will ensure management and automation regarding paying off salaries. Our robust system will ensure a configured payroll system that prioritizes every employee.

Digital Dashboard

If you miss anything, don’t worry! The digital dashboard will allow the users to combine and analyze their data according to their needs. Performance can be tracked, and data can be presented in an organized way to your dashboard every time.


Our additional feature includes fast notifications catered to your choices. Prioritize what you want to be notified about, and get all the important announcements in one go! 

With PiHR, you can stay informed about your team 24/7 without going through too much work.

hr metrics to track

Why Should You Track HR Metrics?

With the emergence of large and small businesses all around, we at PiHR understand that managing may be hectic. So, your business needs an HR metrics software that understands your needs and caters to them efficiently.

For your convenience, some key pointers are noted below to help you understand an overview of the features a metrics HR software provides.

Measurement Has Never Been Easier

Metrics are useful in measuring various aspects of human resource management. For instance, employee satisfaction can be measured by the percentage of employees satisfied with their jobs. 

Whether it’s employee tracking and measurement of their absences, payroll, or security – PiHR has a solution for every metric.

Manage Employees on A Whim

Another measurement is turnover rate, which is the number of employees who leave the organization within a certain period of time. 

Generally, the turnover rate is calculated as a percentage. Similarly, employee satisfaction is measured by determining the percentage of employees who would recommend the company to a friend.

Managing Payments? No Problem At All!

Metrics help organizations identify and address employee concerns, such as pay inequality. By tracking these metrics, HR can ensure that employees are paid fairly and that employees of all backgrounds feel included. 

Using data-driven HR strategies helps organizations foster a diverse workplace, and the HR department can track diversity metrics to improve its workplace culture.

Leave Your Data On The Dashboard

Metrics are crucial for measuring the effectiveness of HR functions. Without the right data, HR will remain an unimportant strategic partner. 

Metrics provide objective data to decision-making leaders, leading to better decisions. It can also help HR become a more strategic partner, assisting business leaders in solving people-related problems.

Tax Management In An Instance

If you have tax management, leave it up to PiHR to manage all of them under the same dashboard. Whether you need help with calculations or reminders to get taxed on time, the best strategic HR metrics software has your back!

The group can categorize metrics within the organization. The most important thing to remember is that metrics are only as good as the data they are derived from.

Employees on Leave? Track It All!

Human resources must be effective and demonstrate how well they support the business strategy. Metrics help HR leaders understand the impact of their activities on the business and prove the value of their efforts. 

They can help identify areas that need improvement and improve employees’ productivity by keeping notes of their leaves and shifts. They can also help HR departments to control costs and improve efficiency.

Pricing of HR Metrics In Small and Large Business

When it comes to small businesses, keeping up with all your management with a small team is hard. At PiHR, we specifically cater to businesses or teams that are just starting out, at just 2000 up to 3500 Taka a month. 

Like with small businesses, we care about larger businesses as well. At our monthly subscription-based HR metrics, we focus on supporting larger teams at an affordable rate of just 5000+ Taka-based packages. 

So, to ensure your management is done just the right way put your performance management duties on us. Whether it’s for employee development, hr-management, or taxes-related issues, we have you covered! Know more about The HRM software pricing.

Final Words

Therefore, we hope this article has helped you understand all you need to know about HR metrics and how it’s crucial for your business. From tracking and managing employees to having all you need under one dashboard, the best HR metrics software can help boost your business. 

Thus, whether you have a small or a large business, the best affordable HR metric to track your employees and keep your management top-notch is PiHR. To get HR metrics solutions, contact us.

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