Features of a Good HR Software

Features of a Good HR Software

The necessity of using human resource management is far more significant when you have even owned your business and even, more or less, have encountered with official work. Human resource works can be done in various ways. One of the ways, that has been into the industry from the dawn of human resources is using papers. In 2020, using papers is more or less not appreciated even in small businesses, let alone big organizations. Paper is fragile, easily lost, requires space, storing, maintenance and not a far-reaching inclusive solution. That’s why the usage of human resource software has become widespread among the businesses and organizations, regardless of their category and size. The success of your organization, no matter what your organization does, largely depends on human resources. As HR software has become the most popular system adoption in modern businesses, still not every HR software is perfect or best to use. There are some criteria that should be met by and HR software to call it a good human resource software. However, to consider picking the best value and most powerful option available among the HR software that is available in the market, you should go through the checklist below and make sure that your HR software has tons of useful features along with these must-have features cited below.

Employee Management

Managing Employee Info:

When it comes to human resource work, you can not imagine a solution that does not store all your employee and staff information. You need to have all the detailed information as much as possible of your employees. A good HR software must have the feature of storing information like contact, physical address, email address, phone number, salary date, salary amount, joining date and even blood group.

1. Employment History: All the history of your employee should be stored on your company database. It is a great headache for HR managers. All the lineage of employees should be there like an employee’s past company name, work duration, salary and other important information. A good HR software needs to have this must- have feature.

2. Employee Hierarchy: Employee transfer, promotion, designation status, employee levels all should be kept well in the company database. A good HR software does this job by time to time data fed by HR managers. It will generate reports of the overall status of an employee.

3. Supervisor Selection: One of the most crucial jobs of a HR software is to give permission to supervise employees. These supervisors are selected from among employees and it needs to keep track of those supervisors. HR software does this job within a couple of minutes.

Employee Attendance Management

1. Attendance System: One of the most important and critical features of basic HR Software, let alone a good HR software. This is the core function of a human resource software. With the employee attendance system, you don’t need to do any manual attendance work. With the self-service service from a HR software, your employees can provide their attendance.

2. Remote Attendance: This does not have to be like a machine set up outside the office or organization and your employees will push a button whenever they come and leave. Thanks to the cloud-based computing service, a good HR software should provide remote attendance service. With this feature, your employees can provide attendance when they are given the task to work outside the office or the organization.

3. Biometric Integration: HR software should provide biometric integration whenever possible. Integration of biometric with a HR software makes the HR related work super easy, fast and hassle-free. It also guarantees to not fake any attendance and keeps the track of employee attendance with further details.

4. Overtime Calculation: One of the biggest challenges for HR managers to sort out the overtime working hours. This overtime calculation is vastly related to the payroll and salary generation, because overtime is one of the key aspects that salary generation considers counting. This tough job now can be done with a good HR software within a second.

5. Attendance Monitoring & Reporting: A good HR software should provide you the features of real-time monitoring attendance. A supervisor or an admin should easily keep track of the employee attendance and generate reports from those raw attendance data.

Payroll Management:

1. Salary Structure: Another top job for HR managers to provide salary among the employees is creating a salary structure. This is the prerequisite of salary generation. You need a unique and strong salary structure for your business or organization according to your need, which a HR software should provide

2. Salary Generation: When a salary structure is maintained within a business or organization with an HR software then salary generation should be the 2 nd most important task for a good HR software in payroll management features. When generating salary, HR software should consider the month’s overtime, late or absent, tax and leave of a particular employee.

3. Salary Pay Slip & Payment: After generating a salary, an employee should get his payslip or salary. Obviously, it should be provided by HR managers. But how about automating this process to reduce the workload from HR managers? Yes, a good HR software should have this feature to provide employees their individual payslips. Not only this, but a good HR software can also complete the payment to the employees by bank, cash or cheque.

4. Loan Management: A business or an organization often gets loan applications from its employees. And these applications are sorted out by HR managers. But a good HR software can replace the HR manager’s workload by automating the approval or rejection or can be done manually thought supervisors within the software.

5. Salary Certificate: One of the most important parts of an organizational payroll system software is the salary certificate. There are various types of salary certificate formats to choose from. But a good HR software will always generate you the best possible customized salary certificate for all your individual employees and staffs.


1. Device Change Authorization: A good HR Software must have a mobile version of that software so that employees can use the software on the go. While using these mobile versions, employees might sometimes need to change their device. But simultaneous device changing and logging from different devices can breach the security. So, a good HR software should have the feature of accepting or rejecting device changing request.

2. IP Filtering: Internet Protocol aka IP filtering is one of the most important terms to track to secure the whole system. Admin should have the functionality of HR software to whitelist the employee IP, so that employee attendance and activities can be tracked.

3. Data Encryption: Human Resource information of a company or an organization is very confidential. These data should not be leaked by any means. That’s why a good HR software needs to have the features of very own encryption and decryption protocol with password protection to ensure the security of human resource information.

4. HTTPS and SQL Injection: SSL/TLS for any human resource related data transfer and the domain validation certificate is key for ensuring the security of the whole HR software. On the other hand, to protect from any kind of malicious attack or hacking technique like SQL injection, a good HR software must need to have the feature of maintaining a standard coding structure.

5. Access Distribution: A human resource software contains a lot of data, information, attachments and various confidential history. Some of them are very naïve to be shared with general employees. A Good HR Software distributes these accesses regardless of admin, supervisor and employee accordingly and denies the unwanted access.

Shift Management

1. Shift Setup: There are a lot of benefits of shift management in the HR field. It will reduce the absenteeism and late arrivals of employees. A good Human Resource Software should provide the service of shift set up where admins can build employees’ schedules, multiples shift and shift details within a minute.

2. Roster Setup: Roster setup is vital for shift management, because when shift setup is done then the admin has to assign the roster duty. With a good HR software admins can set the roster date, time tables and the whole roster details with a very user-friendly interface, in other words, drag and drop features.

3. Shifting Report: To check out the in-out time, total working hours and the overall performance, an admin needs shift reports. Which a good HR software should generate according to the attendance from the roster employees and the whole shift setup information. This will accelerate the decision making and to determine the overall performance of a roster.

Leave Management

1. Leave Application: Once when the human resource work was done with papers, employees used to submit leave application with letters. It was the only system for application submission. But with a good HR software, employees can easily submit leave application without any paperwork. And most importantly, HR managers or admins can easily give their approval or disapproval within the software itself.

2. Leave Status: When a leave is approved, admins or HR managers need to keep track of the leave status of his employees. They might also want to check the leave counts, status and most importantly the replacement of that certain employee. On the other hand, employees can check their leave status with the help of a good HR software.

3. Leave Calendar: Besides checking the current leave status, an employee should have the feature from an HR software to look at the bigger calendar of their year-long leave history. These calendars are tailored by Human Resource software uniquely according to any particular individual’s leave data.

4. Multiple Leave Approver: Approvers can be assigned by HR managers or admin within a set of various parameters. These multiple layers can be added to either approve or reject to the future leave applications. A good human resource software always provides this type of simple yet effective features. To hang the tag of a “Good Human Resource Software” on any HR software, we should keep in mind the above checklist. Furthermore, it’s not only having and highlighting those features. It’s also about the implementation and usability of those features. An ideal HR software should come out of the box with the basic human resource functionality for any business or organization, regardless of their types. To wrap up the whole debate of the good HR software tor the best HRM software, you can get the service of PiHR from Vivasoft. It is the best HRM Software you can get. Its user-friendliness, cost efficiency, affordability and powerful human resource job completing ability will leave you astonished and take your human resource work experience to a whole another level.

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