6 Common Employee Attendance Management Mistakes In 2023 And How To Avoid Those

employee attendance management software

A report by Aberdeen Group shows that 88% of the “best in class” companies automate their time and employee attendance data collection.

In 2023, a lot of manual work is swapped with automation. The employee attendance system is one of the HR activities leaning towards automation.

Employee attendance management system has been solving a lot of problems for organizations for years. In modern times, this system is more accurate and easy to use.

What is an employee attendance system?

It is a system that keeps track of an employee’s work schedule. Tracking an employee’s entrance and exit of the organization is the employee attendance system.

employee attendance management system


Employee attendance management is more than that. It keeps track of who is being absent, late, leaving early, and a lot more. 

An attendance tracking software does the whole process. Attendance management works with the synchronization of a fingerprint scanner or a punching card and dedicated software.

Importance of Attendance Management

The attendance management system is an automated process. This will have some major advantages over a manual process. However, here are some of the major benefits of an employee attendance management system:

  • Saves Time

You should avoid time-consuming work as much as possible. That’s when you become more efficient and productive. Switching from manual attendance tracking can save a lot of time.

  • Tracking Employee Performance

With the right software, the organization will know when an employee enters and departs. This information can help the organization to have a performance evaluation.

  • Easy to Process Payroll

With the software, the payroll process becomes easier. Everything is recorded in the software. So at the end of the month, the payroll needs to double-check if any adjustments are required. And the payroll process can be easily done.

  • Helps in Calculating the Rate of Absenteeism

Absenteeism is one of the major issues. By managing the employee’s attendance, the calculation of absenteeism becomes much easier.

  • Managing Remote Workers

Nowadays, many people work remotely from different parts of the world. Managing them is a challenging task for an HR. So, having an online software to track attendance can certainly make that challenge much more effortless.

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6 Common Mistakes in Employee Attendance Management System

Here are some of the common mistakes in the employee attendance tracking system.

  • An Unclear Attendance Policy

Any policy in the organization should be clear. There should not be a shadow of a doubt about the policy. Here are a few things that can be clearly stated in the attendance policy:

  • When will be the exact time of punching the card or a fingerprint input. E.G. 9:00 AM
  • When will be the exact time for the late count. E.G. entry at 9:10 AM and after
  • When will be the departure time. E.G. 6:00 PM
  • How will the organization calculate the overtime
  • How to drop a leave request, and how will the leave count work
  • How will the software detect unannounced leave

Including these points in the attendance policy will clarify everything for any employees.

  • Time Consuming Attendance Process

Time is money. In the era of digitalization, a lot of things are now becoming rapid. Despite that, a few things in a few places are slow or time-consuming.

The traditional attendance recording is slow and causes a lot of issues. Any slow progress work can hamper the whole organization as every task is interrelated. Time-consuming tasks make fast employees slower. On top of that, it decreases productivity.

  • Employees arriving late or departing early

A lot of things can cause an employee to arrive late. Tiredness, lack of dedication, lack of seriousness, and other unavoidable issues. An attendance tracker’s most challenging part is to track all those times individually.

In manual and traditional processes, this can often lead to serious mistakes.

Likewise, departing early can also be due to similar reasons. Keeping an accurate track of this is difficult work for an HR. 

On the other hand, this task becomes more difficult if anyone is doing overtime. A lot of things need to adjust during payroll. 

But this whole task has been automated by the software. With the help of AI, the software can make a precise and accurate calculations.

  • Unapproved Absences

Sometimes employees expect that the leave request will approve, but it doesn’t. As a result, the software records it as absent. On the other side, the employee has no clue that he is absent. 

Lack of communication usually raises this issue. This issue results in a lot of pending work for his team members or himself. It has a strong negative effect on employee performance. Knowing the right solution for unapproved absences is the key to resolving the issue.

  • Absence at the beginning or end of the weekend

Sometimes the employees tend to be clever and skip the day before the weekend. It is a very common problem faced by companies. The employees take unannounced leave, thus making the work environment unstable.

You can resolve this issue by setting up a customizable leave management system. A customizable leave management system will allow your employee to schedule a leave. The authorities will be able to keep track of this behavior and take necessary steps.

  • Not Using the Right Time Tracking Tools

An effective attendance tracking system contains both a clear policy and the right tools. With a clearly stated policy but no tools, the system will fail.

The right tools can be the right biometric fingerprint scanner and proper data tracking software.

The software can have some unique features like cell phone compatibility, showing attendance and leave history, push notifications, etc.

Some Ways to avoid mistakes in employee attendance

In order to avoid these mistakes, the organization can make a few changes.

  • Implement a proper attendance policy

Implementing a coherent attendance policy is necessary. It is a vital step to avoid mistakes in the attendance management system.

  • Usage of the right tools

To record and track attendance, your organization will need the right tools at the right place. The tools can be an ID card scanner, MS Excel to record the data or any automated software.

  • Make the process fast

The organization can be much more productive if you can complete any task rapidly. The organization must record the attendance data precisely. As a result, the rate of mistakes reduces.

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  • Implement employee entertainment

An entertainment system can reduce much stress of employees.  This can keep the employees motivated and focused. This will decrease the rate of absenteeism. 

  •  Have an expert

The most effective solution would be to have an expert deal with everything related to attendance management. The person can take the data and keep the record. He can use the data further for payroll when necessary. Having an expert will decrease the overall expenses of the organization. At the same time, this will be effective in the long term.

To Sum Up

Mistakes will create unnecessary chaos in the organization. Along with that, it will increase the cost of the organization. The HR will have to deal with things they should not be dealing with. 

All in all, it should be an organization’s core objective to omit mistakes.

An employee attendance management system software can help your organization to resolve some of the typical employee attendance management mistakes. 

Want to mitigate common attendance management system mistakes, contact us.

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