Best Priced HR Software in Bangladesh

Best Priced HR Software

If you are curious to know about the best-priced HR software in Bangladesh then you probably have the idea of Human Resource Management. But no worry if you don’t have it yet, let’s get to know it within a minute. In a very straightforward manner, Human Resource Management is the formal system designed to manage the people in organizations regardless of their designations. For the best understanding of Human Resource Management, we should go through the “History 101 of Human Resource Management”.

What we know as Human Resource Management, in this era, was never the same and always been evolving since the time of its first introduction, dates back to 1900. Since you are here, why not dig some history of Human Resource Management?

There is always an argument about history. But cannot be sure of the exact story in history. But when it comes to the history of Human Resource Management, it is widely believed that the raw form of HRM was first introduced as the Personnel Management Department at the National Cash Register Company in the early 1900s. That’s quite a long time to be one hundred percent sure how that really worked and how much it really worked out for the National Cash Register. 20 years forward, in the 1920s the Personnel Department was hugely popular with the updated technical functions in the United States of America, if not all over the world. This new essential term began to be used by the big corporations. But a new addition that really can be called the earlier version of our present-day Human Resource Management is the addition of payroll and employee records in the 1960s. This was the breakthrough that HRM has had and continues to grow as a result of technological change and deregulation till the 1970s. When the competition leaped a whole new level, the Human Resource Department became more concerned with the cost management and implementing the various and latest strategies of HR for both organizations or business and their employees due to the effect of globalization and rapid technological adaptations.

Human Resource Management has been through a lot till we have the most advanced and latest edition as software regardless of the platform, PC or Mobile. The reason for the need for a software version of Human Resource Management has numerous reasons. Apart from the usability of software, which we will talk about later, there are many flaws in the traditional system of maintaining Human Resource Management. Typically, Human Resource Management was done in papers, in handwritten form. Paper is fragile, easily lost, requires spaces & maintenance and most importantly not a far-reaching solution, let alone the pity for using papers in business in the 21st century.

There’s no reliable alternative to using software for Human Resource Management. There is plenty of HRM software to do the job of your business’s or organization’s human resource management. Even in Bangladesh, the practice of using HRM software regardless of the size of the organization can easily be seen. You, too, should not be lagged behind & start implementing a good HRM Software for your business right away.

But the problem is, that common problem, money. All those fancy features of maintaining human resources do not come cheaply. Human Resource management software costs a lot of money for your business, not that it is not worth it. With the cost it takes to implement HRM software in your business or organization, you can feel the presence and experience of a whole lot of new human resource management. There is plenty of Human resource management software in the market with its own features along with the basic features of a human resource management software. Now you need to sort out which one is suitable for your business or organization.

We have catered for you some of the most famous and best HR software prices in Bangladesh to make It easy for you to differentiate and choose which one is best for you. Let’s begin with PiHR from VivaSoft.

PiHR is the best HR Software in Bangladesh with some great features along with the best pricing you can ever get. Regardless of the size of your business or organization, unlike other human resource management software, you are getting the flexibility to choose your desired price without breaking your pocket. Most of the companies do not offer HRM software for small businesses. But in PiHR the small businesses and new entrepreneurs are always welcome to implement Human Resource Management Software in their system.

Why PiHR is the Best Software Cost Efficient in Bangladesh?

With their Tiny package, you have the special chance to broaden your small business or newly started foundation up to the human resource management. It has become possible to manage even when you have employees from one, you, to 25 employees. This is only offered by PiHR, while from another system, you have to take the big package regardless of the slots you will leave vacant and still be paying months in months out.

Now comes the interesting part, how much it costs the Tiny package from PiHR? It’s very clear and simple, only 2000 BDT per month. This is an immersive deal for your newly opened business or small business that you are running when you have the employee counts from 0 to 25. This is really an amazing deal since no other company will be glad to assist you with such a small business or organization. The installation charge will be only 2000 BDT and the monthly 2000 BDT for Human Resource Management is a bargain. Don’t miss out on this package. Furthermore, you can have Free Employee Database, Free Support, and most importantly, no matter the size of your Package, PiHR is always open and welcomes you with all the latest Free Updates!

Tiny Package in short:

·         2000tk per month

·         2000tk Installation Charge

·         For 0-25 Employees

·         Free Employee Database

·         Free Support

·         Free Updates

(P.S. Excluding Vat & Tax)

How About Getting Something That’s Not Tiny but Not Medium Also?

What is exciting waiting for you in PiHR that the assurances of not prioritizing our profit, instead we are here for business to grow, client’s success and our client’s individual goals? That’s why we catered a small package for our clients. In this package, we have the features like Employee Database, Free support, Free Updates. This package is best for you, if you have a growing business. When you have a growing business it’s no secret that you need more employees. By now, you already know that Human Resource Management does not come cheaply. But with PiHR you get the bang for the buck. With a small installation charge of 2000tk, for a small package, you can easily set up a system that will manage your Human Resource Management for 25-50 Employees. For such a number of employee management, you only need 3500tk per month. This is the best deal you can ask for.

Before starting to introduce the next package, let me remind you of a very industrial secret. You might have been wondering “Who are these guys behind this top-notch software?”, “Are they expert in software or in Human Resource?” “If they are expert in software then how come they are an expert in Human Resource at the same time and vice versa?” If these questions come to your mind before picking the next best human resource management software for your business and organization, then congratulations, you are on the verge of choosing the right one for your business. There are companies that just get the very basic idea of human resource management from here and there and start to develop software and then sell it for huge money. That’s quite unethical at the same time won’t do good for your business and organization in the long run. But unlike other companies, PiHR from VivaSoft, takes advice, views and current practice from the leading human resource professionals in the industry before even sketching the software. Different business entities and organizations require different needs and they should have their own or individual requirements fulfilled. Thanks to your impressive and talented developers who understand this situation perfectly and go on developing something beautiful like PiHR.

Small Package in short:

·         3500tk per month

·         2000tk Installation Charge

·         For 25-50 Employees

·         Free Employee Database

·         Free Support

·         Free Updates

(P.S. Excluding Vat & Tax)

I Have A Well-Established Business, What’s for Me?

Now let’s introduce to our next package what we developed for the businesses that have been in the market for quite a long time and have a large number of employees working for them. This package is what we call Mid. It will be the best solution for you when you have employees from 50-100. To require these numbers of employees, obviously, is going to cost some money. In the human resource management software industry, you might take a look and I urge you to do so. No one can get you a better deal than PiHR. With the installation charge of 5000tk, you are getting all the features of a premium HRM, such as Employee Attendance, Shift management, Employee Leave, Payroll, Tax Management, Expense Management, Employee Management, Employee Tracking, Task Management, Digital Notice Board, Notification and cutting-edge Security. These are just some of the features you are getting for managing up to 100 Employees within your organizations or business only for 5000tk per month. If you are thinking that you are missing out on some other features like Free Support, Free Updates and Free Employee Database, then you don’t need to have anything to worry about. PiHR is getting you covered with all those features and support too.

Mid Package in short:

·         5000tk per month

·         5000tk Installation Charge

·         For 0-25 Employees

·         Free Employee Database

·         Free Support

·         Free Updates

(P.S. Excluding Vat & Tax)

Nah! I Want Something Bigger Than This!

But what if you have a corporation or major business where you have a vast number of employees? Obviously, the Mid package is not going to cover what you need. You might have a Readymade Garments where you got staff, employees, workers, technicians, admins, managers, supervisors and so on. When you have this kind of business or organization then with your eyes closed, anyone can tell you need the best human resource management software in the industry. Not only the best can get you the experience and functionality you need, but you also need something more specific and precise software to take care of your human resource management. In these cases, a pre-build HRM software is not going to work for you. We are welcoming you to contact us to develop you the best human resource software only customized or even sketching the very best software for your business. When you contact us, we will study your business needs, your employee count, what else can be added to your bucket list and what is going to be junk for your system then develop the perfect Human resource software only for your business. Here the cost is going to be dependent on what you actually need. The features and installation charge will be discussed then. We highly recommend and encourage you to take this package which we call Large when you have an employee count of more than 100. You can easily contact us via, Phone: +8801713428432  or even you are most welcome to have a cup of coffee in our office at PiHR – HRM Software in Bangladesh, Road #06, House #385, Avenue #3, Dhaka 1216.

The best thing is, when you choose PiHR, you get the accessibility to the free tools and resources from our HR managers as we are aiming to be not just a mere best human resource management software but a whole ecosystem of cloud-based human resource management in Bangladesh.

Are you still confused about whether you should take the service of PiHR or not then you are welcome to take the self-guided tour through the PiHR experience where you can stop, start and review at any point you like? You can schedule a demo version of PiHR software and get the confidence of choosing the best HR Software in Bangladesh with the best priced HR software price in Bangladesh.

No matter what, if you have a speck of confusion, questions, doubts or even have suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Let me assure you that you would be left wondering at our professionalism and service what we gathered in all those years. Contact us to get to know more about our software features, pricing or anything else including if you need any demo or trial version of PiHR to be sure of our expertise.

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