Best HR and Payroll Software in Bangladesh

Best HR and Payroll Software in Bangladesh

PiHR has revolutionized the Hrm Software game once for all in Bangladesh. You probably heard of using HRM (HR Management) Software being used in businesses. Human Resources Management Software has become an integral part of a business or an organization. So, you need the best HRM Software for your HR management works of your business to be done fast, accurately, securely and smartly. Undoubtedly, PiHR is the best HR and Payroll Software in Bangladesh, not only in papers but also in usability and functionality. PiHR made the complex payroll and HR management a piece of cake.
When we are talking about what HR and Payroll software is being the best, the scale, standard and criteria should be fulfilled by certain HR Software. The success of your organization, no matter what your organization does, largely depends on human resources. As HR software has become the most popular system adoption in modern businesses, still not every HR software is perfect or best to use. Some criteria should be met by and HR software to call it a good human resource software. With our reviewing of HR and payroll software over the past couple of years in this industry, we are certain that PiHR fulfills all the criteria of being the best, if not more.

Human Resource Management

Basically, what HRM software does is oversee, manage and optimize the human resource tasks and the general HR focus of an association or a business with a digitalized system. A Human Resource Management software makes it simple for organizations by allocating time and resources to the partners, managers, employees and staff. Which winds up being more beneficial and productive for business and meanwhile a very mannered timetable for employers and staff.

Human Resource Management is clearly not another new expansion to organizations or businesses. When we look back to 1833 when the primary HRM was acquainted with the business by Seebohm Rowntree. In those days human resource management was done in writing on papers. From that point, HRM has progressed significantly and now it coordinated the power and scalability of PC to itself. During the 1970s, the utilization of PCs to accomplish human resource work was visible and common among businesses. Prior to introducing web-based software during the 1990s, human resource management with PCs has just been mainstream among big business clients and enormous enterprises or organizations.

Since the cloud-based PC software has arisen of data innovations just as organizations, human resource management likewise embraced this facility. nowadays, HRM Software isn’t just for enormous organizations or businesses. Independent ventures, associations, small businesses warm-heartedly introduced their cycles to HRM Software to do the data management, and execution of their objectives, needs, focuses on balancing the budget while adjusting the financial plan.

Why HR Management System is Must for Business?

On the off chance, that you have ever experienced any official work, possessed your business or pretty much connected with an organization, then you likely have felt the need of utilizing human resource management. In a normal typical system, these human resource works have been done on paper. Be that as it may, technologies have progressed, so does the human resource management system. Presently human resource management is being done with software.
PiHR is, like-wise, one of the best HRMS. The core strength of PiHR is to assist you with reducing the time spent on manual, low-impact repetitive HR works. By using PiHR, HR officers of an organization can focus on other important HR work which will help your business with performance and efficiency-boosting in the long run.
PiHR is cloud-based. In this way, there are tons of ways to improve HR management. Typically, HRM software mechanizes all the manual works of an organizations’ human resource and creates a further developed information driven report. As these works are done in PCs and software, there is no requirement for paper any longer.
In 2020, utilizing papers is pretty much not recommended even in small business ventures, not to mention large organizations or businesses. Paper is delicate, fragile, easily lost, requires space, putting away, upkeep and not a far-reaching inclusive solution. That is the reason the use of human resource software has gotten inescapable among the organizations and associations, paying little heed to their class and size.
PiHR is, like-wise, one of the best HRMS. The core strength of PiHR is to assist you with reducing the time spent on manual, low-impact repetitive HR works. By using PiHR, HR officers of an organization can focus on other important HR work which will help your business with performance and efficiency-boosting in the long run.
PiHR is cloud-based. In this way, there are tons of ways to improve HR management. Typically, HRM software mechanizes all the manual works of an organizations’ human resource and creates a further developed information driven report. As these works are done in PCs and software, there is no requirement for paper any longer.

Why PiHR is the Best Human Resource Software?

There are tons of features in PiHR, the best human resource management software. Expense Management, Payroll Management, Tax Calculation, Branch Monitoring, Attendance Monitoring, Culture Building, Cloud Support, Employee Nurturing, Security, you name the feature & you will find PiHR already have that.

Managing Employee Info:

With regards to human resource work, you can not imagine a solution that doesn’t store all your representatives, employees and staff data. You need to have all the nitty-gritty data as much as you could of your workers. Best HR software, like PiHR, has the functionality of storing data like contact, permanent location, address, email address, telephone number, salary date, pay amount, joining date and even blood group.
Employee History:
All the historical backdrop of your employees ought to be stored on your organization’s database. It is an extraordinary headache for HR managers. All the small details of employees should be kept there like an employee’s previous company name, work length, salary and other significant data. The good news is that PiHR has all of these must-have Human Resource Management Software’s features.

Employee Hierarchy:

Employee transfer, promotion, designation status, employee levels all should be kept well in the company database PiHR takes care of this job by taking and storing time to time data and take great care of all the hassles of HR Managers. PiHR will also generate reports of the overall status of an employee.

Administrator Selection:

One of the most critical jobs of HR software is to grant permission to any staff to supervise any certain batch of employees. These bosses are chosen from among representatives and it needs to monitor those managers. PiHR takes this job very seriously and takes care of this job within a few minutes.

Worker Attendance Management:

One of the most significant and basic highlights of PiHR, not to mention the best HR software available in the market. This is the core function of human resource software. With the Worker Attendance system, you don’t have to do any manual participation work. With the self-service service from PiHR software, your employees can provide their attendance without you need to do any headaches.

Distant Attendance:

This doesn’t need to resemble a machine set up outside the workplace or office and your employees will press a button at whatever time they come and go. Because of the cloud-based processing system, PiHR software gives a distant participation system. With this component, your employees now can give attendance when they are given the task to work outside the workplace or the office.

Biometric Integration:

PiHR software provides biometric integration whenever possible. Integration of biometric with PiHR software makes the HR related work super easy, fast and hassle-free. It also guarantees to not fake any attendance and keeps the track of employee attendance with further details. PiHR integrates and makes sure of the security of biometric with a lot of layers of security.

Overtime Calculation:

Perhaps the greatest challenge for HR managers to figure out the extra time working hours of their employees. This overtime calculation is vastly related to the payroll and salary generation since extra time work is one of the key viewpoints that salary generation. This difficult undertaking currently should be possible with PiHR software within a second.

Attendance Monitoring and Reporting:

PiHR software gives you the features of continuous observing and real-time monitoring of the attendances. In a typical system, a supervisor or an admin should easily keep track of the employee attendance and generate reports from those raw attendance data. But now with PiHR, businesses can easily generate reports from monitoring within a couple of minutes.

Device Change Authorization:
PiHR Software has a mobile version of that software so that employees can use the software on the go. While using these mobile versions, employees might sometimes need to change their device. But simultaneous device changing and logging from different devices can breach the security. Thus, PiHR software has the component of accepting or rejecting device changing requests.

IP Filtering & Information Encryption:
Human Resource information of an organization or a business is exceptionally confidential. This information not be leaked using any means. That is the reason PiHR software has the features of its own special encryption and decryption protocol with password protection to ensure the security of human resource information. Internet Protocol aka IP filtering is one of the main terms to track to make sure about the entire system. An administrator can take the advantages of employee management software to whitelist the worker’s IP, so that employee attendance and activities can be tracked.

Access Distribution:
Human resource management contains a ton of information, data, connections and various confidential history. Some of them are very guileless to be imparted to general representatives. PiHR Software distributes these accesses regardless of admin, supervisor and employee accordingly and denies the unwanted access.

Employee Task:
To settle on choices about any individual of an organization to take action, t the tracking of given tasks is important. Without the correct following of employee task, you cannot be certain whose performance is updating and whose are diminishing. PiHR software offers this feature to keep the track of given and upcoming tasks.

Task Creation & Reporting:
Admin or HR managers should have the flexibility of creating tasks with the utmost details such as, task titles, assigns employee/team, start and end date, priority selection, categories and description. What’s more, this undertaking making adaptability is offered by a PiHR software and notify the employees from time to time. PiHR software has the functionality to generate reports from the database according to the date range, employee name, task status, start and end date. These reports give a superior understanding of how workers are getting along on their given tasks.

Shift Setup & Report:
There are a ton of benefits of shift management in the HR field. It will decrease the absenteeism and late arrivals of employees. PiHR offers the service of shift set up where admins can build employees’ schedules, multiples shift and shift details within a minute. To look at the in-out time, working hours and general performance, an HR manager needs shift reports. PiHR software produces attendance from the roster employees and the whole shift setup information. This will quicken the dynamic and to decide the general performance of the whole roster.

Roster Setup:
Roster setup is vital for shift management, since when shift management is done then the administrator needs to assign the roster duty. With PiHR software, administrators can set the list date, time tables and the entire roster setup with a very easy to understand interface, as such, intuitive features.

Leave Application:
When the human resource work was finished with papers, employees used to submit leave application with letters. It was the only system for application submission. Yet, with PiHR software, employees can easily submit leave application with no administrative work. Furthermore, in particular, HR managers or administrators can easily give their approval or disapproval within the PiHR software itself.

Leave Status & Calendar:
At the point when leave is approved, admin or HR managers need to monitor the leave status of his employees. They may likewise need to check the leave counts, status and in particular the substitution of that specific employee. Then again, employees can check their leave status within the PiHR software. Besides checking the current leave status, an employee now has the feature from PiHR software to look at the bigger calendar of their year-long leave history.

Let’s Dive into the Deep of Payroll Management.

At some point when you are into a business or in human resource management, you’ve likely known about Payroll Management. So, what really is payroll?
To guarantee your staff and employees are happy and zeal to do their jobs, you should have a clear, certain, and legitimate understanding of payroll management. However, that is insufficient. You also need to know, how to run payroll effectively and efficiently.
Primarily, you may get confused regarding Payroll as just a framework that works or oversees worker’s pay. It’s not about or just about paying salaries. Payroll Management works in a wide methodical manner to convey the data about the Salary generation, timely payment, tax computation, and all the little details prior to finalizing the salary of individual representatives or staff.
That was really the oversimplified version of Payroll Management. So, the thing that left alone is what is Payroll Management Software? Basically, it is software that will do all the payroll kinds of stuff for you and run the exact, quick, and keen payroll for your business. Clearly, this is completely a robotized system that depends on the information you fed to it about your employee and staff’s payroll.

Why You Will Get the Best Payroll Management Software Experience with PiHR?

The benefits of payroll management software are beyond description. The payroll system is one of the most crucial parts for an organization as it is very tedious, laborious and tiring work for human resource managers. Organization of all sizes takes the benefits of payroll software, even their employees. PiHR introduces you to a whole different experience of cultivating the culture of advanced, automated and less time-consuming Payroll Management system. So, without any further ado, Let’s dig deep into some of the benefits that PiHR can offer to your business.


No one can argue how much mistake a would human be able to cause when it comes to calculating. You can’t anticipate humans to do mistakes to your payroll system. This will hamper the employee morale more than you can ever imagine, let alone the devastative consequences to your business finance.
By now, you are quite sure of a blunder in payroll management can be nightmares and ruinous. US organizations made off base records, which cost them $7 billion of every a one-year time frame in 2013. The spirits and morals of your employees can be a hindrance when there are payroll mistakes and you could be wound up with lawful issues with your firm or business. This is only a piece of evidence of how damaging human mistakes can be in the payroll management system.
To guarantee that your employees get the specific and exact salaries, that they have worked for from your business, you have to introduce an electronic and computerized payroll system which can be offered by a decent Payroll Management Software, in other words, PiHR. With smart payroll management software, like PiHR, you can never make mistakes in running a payroll, even if you want to do mistakes. With payroll management software, such as PiHR, you can be sure of never getting any silly errors because the computer always calculates accurately.

PiHR Saves Time, A LOT OF TIME:

Running a payroll isn’t easy when you are not utilizing the software. Entering information for every single cycle manually is even difficult to envision, not to mention doing it progressively. It kills a really a lot of time for Human Resource managers of your business to enter such data and fulfill all the measures to run a payroll.
At the point when you implement software, PiHR, as a solution for your payroll management, your Human Resource managers can give time and work on other significant HR works. You should simply set up your payroll management software once with your standards and guidelines, PiHR will wrap up the whole payroll operations for you. You can also tweak some configurations if there any customizations that should be executed in your payroll system. PiHR will work as an ideal payroll management software and will run all your employee’s individual payroll within a moment, sparing you a heap of times.

Bag of Money for Payroll? PiHR WILL MAKE THAT A CENT:

Monitoring each cost is vital for a business. The more things that cost for business, the more it troubles the business. One of the significant costs that businesses and organizations have been faced constantly in the past was employing proficient assistance for payroll management. Payroll managers are, to be honest, expensive. You can not blame them for charging you extras. In reality, they get paid for what they do. It’s not easy to do all the gritty-nitty things and calculations for running payroll.
Be that as it may, payroll is an absolute necessity for a business. That is the reason it has been consistently an additional headache for organizations and businesses to take this step of recruiting quality payroll managers.
But with a software-based Payroll Management system, such as PiHR, you needn’t to bother with any expert payroll supervisors. With payroll management software, you can set up and run a payroll whenever you need it within a couple of minutes. You don’t need to have immense knowledge about payroll to run it with PiHR. PiHR will walk you through all the terms of payroll to make it simpler for you to comprehend and run payroll correctly.


Each information and raw data of payroll is carefully classified within your business. It contains private data of employee’s dates of birth, postage information, government-backed National ID Number, Social Security Number, bank details, and so on. Allowing unauthorized access to this information can cause monstrous destruction for employees personally and financially.

However, with Payroll Management Software such as PiHR, you are practically sheltered and safe from these security threats. Because with PiHR, you can give a limit to access to data. Good payroll software also provides password protection mode to protect sensitive data from being stolen or flashed. With the execution of a decent payroll management software like PiHR, your business payroll information is destined to be made secured.

Why Bother Recruiting Payroll Managers? PiHR GOT YOU COVERED:

A business normally recruits payroll experts to run payroll for their business. These payroll experts are over the top expensive. Yet, with an all-around kept up payroll management software like PiHR, you can fulfill your payroll necessities with a computerized solution to run payroll for your business within a moment, with no sort of payroll degrees or whatever. PiHR lets you cut out your additional expense of employing and preparing payroll experts or managers and help you run accurate and less time-consuming payroll, will saving you bags of money all year round.

Payroll Calculation is Complex. PiHR MADE IT EASY:

As your business develops, the number of employees increases geometrically. The increased number of employees comes with a whole new headache for payroll calculation. The more the calculations are, the complex it gets. Yet, with payroll management software like PiHR, you got zero odds of erroring in payroll computations and calculations.

Payroll Requires Time? BUT IT’S ALREADY DONE WITH PiHR:

Have you ever given thoughts about how much time you can spare to run an efficient payroll with payroll management software? A software-based payroll management system like PiHR is nowhere to replace your waiting for a couple of hours, if not days, to access confidential reports. The whole process of setting up and running a payroll takes a couple of seconds now with PiHR, the best hr payroll software in Bangladesh. Most of all, this whole cycle doesn’t need any payroll experts or managers.


One of the vital benefits of having payroll management software like PiHR for your business is having a couple of payroll experts always there to help you whenever you need it. PiHR is intended to give you human resource managers or payroll experts and make it simple for a non-expert to set up and run payroll.
However, regardless, without appropriate information regarding any matter, you should not be expecting much from these non-professionals to perform as well as an HR manager or professional payroll personals. That is the reason, more often than not, PiHR offers you 24*7 client support to back the payroll attempts to done easily and without facing any issues.


PiHR is the best payroll management software or the best payroll software, state how you like it. With all the highlights of a decent payroll management software, PiHR is offering you the most exceptional and dependable payroll software arrangement that will lift and change your payroll management experience. There were the basics of Payroll Management Software criteria. But along with these functionalities, PiHR offers some advanced and much user-oriented features such as:

Salary Structure:

A payroll management software ought to give you the flexibility of generating a salary structure to provide the salary among your staff and employees. You simply need to make the structure and PiHR will wrap up for you and generate the salary for each of your staff and employees within a couple of seconds.

Salary Generation:

Salary can be produced consequently dependent on the salary structure or human resource directors or managers can create manually from the structure. The salary will create with regards to late, absent, leaves, tax calculation, and different elements implemented by the administrators or HR directors. But with PiHR you can easily manage your salary generation for your employees and staff without any major help from payroll managers.

Salary Payment:

With the Salary created from salary structure and it’s all set to pay the employees or staff, PiHR will help you with distributing them and make payment with the choices to pay with the bank, check, or through money. Administrators or HR supervisors can even add a layout of any bank for salary payment with the advanced payment system of PiHR.

Pay Slip:

At the point when Salary is paid to an employee, they can get their salary through the mail from PiHR. HR supervisors or administrators can even send employees custom salary slips in the case that they need. Changes, duties, allowances, and other models will be on the Salary slip when it is shipped off to the employees. PiHR will do keep the track of payslips along with generating for you.
Salary Certificate:
For an employee or business, salary authentication is an unquestionable requirement in payroll and one of the main parts of a payroll system. With Salary endorsement employees can apply on an alternate financial program, for example, for Visas or credits from banks. With PiHR solutions, making altered Salary endorsements or certificates has never been simpler.

Loan Management:

Taking an advance or a loan is a pivotal piece for human resource managers to manage. For an employee, it’s imperative to cooperate. With PiHR, workers can, without much of a stretch, apply for a load or advance salary. Administrators or Managers can approve or reject the application inside the PiHR software. Which makes the entire advance salary and loan management system simpler than ever.


Since the beginning of the 20th century, Human Resource Management Software is being implemented in organizations or business, regarding their size and activity. It has been an irreplaceable vital part of a business to make the HR work more smooth, quick and error-free. So, if you wish to get the benefits of HRM software and to experience the best HR Software in Bangladesh, you can get the PiHR Solution with your eyes shut.
To wrap up the entire discussion of PiHR being the best HRM software, you can get the software of PiHR from Vivasoft. It is the best HRM Software in Bangladesh you can get. Its user-friendliness, cost proficiency, affordability and powerful human resource job completing ability will leave you astounded and take your human resource work experience to an entire another level.

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