Benefits of HR Mobile Apps for Your Business

Benefits of HR Mobile Apps for Your Business

The HR departments are constantly looking out for the best ways to engage with their workforce. And reports suggest that many workers prefer mobile apps for HR purposes, which means that employees are more likely to access information using HR mobile apps than visit their company’s Human Resource Department.

Employees find it relatively easy to access any information regarding their bonus, salary, or company updates via mobile apps rather than stationery internet access.

Technology reshapes the working atmosphere, making the functions more organized and efficiently operated. Human Resource Management (HRM) apps or tools like PiHR provides businesses with a fresh opportunity to reform and upgrade their core functional HR processes.

This boosts productivity, improves employee satisfaction and communication with key stakeholders. Many other benefits are attracted towards the business when you use mobile apps for HR processes.

Let’s learn more about Human Resource Management apps and how they can benefit your business.

Key Features of an HRMS Mobile App

MyPiHR is the perfect example when talking about Human Resource Management apps. It stores information in the cloud storage and searches for the required data in seconds. It can also analyze electronic data for strategic purposes and secure data from breaches or hacking. Its easy usability fulfills your expectations. You can even customize the tool according to your needs.

Daily Attendance Summary

Attendance collection from different sources and keeping up with the company’s attendance policies can be challenging. With intuitive graphs, respective managers, and an organized tool that records these inputs for you, you can focus on other important tasks for the day.

Branchwise Attendance Summary

The app allows you to track the attendance statistics branchwise using a lucrative chart. Your company’s daily attendance metrics will be easily trackable with this app.

Monthwise Leave Approval History

Your business involves several employees, and keeping track of their leave via emails can be daunting. With MyPiHR, you can effectively keep records of your employees’ leave balance.

Monthwise Leave Application Statistics

With this feature of the app, monthly paid employees can look into their monthly leaves to be taken.

Remote Attendance Management

The tool follows algorithms that allow you to keep track of attendance and log in and log off time of the company’s employees remotely. That implies that you can track your employees’ attendance regardless of being away from the office.

Employee Leave Management

Besides the monthly leave approval history, MyPiHR enables you to manage the leaves of your workforce during holidays and personal leaves. It helps you track their leave balance and approve of leaves if and when available.

Real-time Updates and Alerts

The app allows you to stay updated about the latest trends and changes in the company through the news feed.

Why do Businesses Need an HR Mobile App?

Here are some of the benefits you gain by using HR mobile apps for your business.

Quick Access

Work can be done at any time and in any place. Using a mobile app allows employees to get instant access to all the information they need to complete their tasks, even outside the office.

Additionally, suppose an employee is not well and needs to access the company’s sick policy. In that case, they can read the company’s handbook from the comfort of their home and apply for a leave accordingly. Coworkers can remain updated with the contact information of their colleagues and the company news.

Your business need not face any functional disruption, and you can travel anywhere carrying your work and all the information in your pocket.

Intuitive Design

Whether HRIS or HCM, an efficiently designed app allows you to have a user-friendly experience, even smartphone users are getting used to slick and easy-to-use apps. Therefore, the HR department need not stay backward and instead walk with time with all the trends and efficiencies.

Various HR tools and apps are designed to help employees find solutions to their queries and solve them quickly. 

Secured Information

You wouldn’t want your business information or employees’ documents to fall into the wrong hands. Your HR platform may not secure all the company’s information traditionally.

But using HR mobile apps can help secure all the information in cloud storage. It can take the help of its varied set of features such as Touch or Face ID, securing your information from unwanted hands, etc. Even employees would have to verify their identity whenever they need to view their pay-stubs.

Better Productivity

Low engagement results in less productivity by the employees. It is a significant problem as it affects the final output of your business. When your workforce does not work as much as they are meant to, it can cause you financial losses to operate. This would result in lower profit margins. As such, poor productivity can even lead to operational loss.

70% of the employees are already overwhelmed by work due to poor communication processes. That is why the company needs to adopt new technology.

With access to all the required information through mobile apps, your employees can achieve better productivity standards. Without an app, your employees need to connect to HR via calls, emails, or physical meetings visiting them at their office. That may be time-consuming with productivity issues for your business.

An app will minimize all these issues with access to information without harming any bottlenecks in the HR department via phone or email.


With HR mobile apps, you can reduce the risk of human errors. If you aren’t using any apps to streamline the HR processes, you may encounter documentation or operational functions problems.

An app makes scheduling, vacation time, and time tracking efficiently. Workflows can be automated as well. Your team would be more efficient in terms of communication and productivity. Sick leaves or work-actions can be managed via the app.

This operating method is much more efficient than email correspondence for the important stuff. Emails and replies to emails can be time-consuming and delay other functions too.


If you plan to adopt Human Resource Management apps for your business, first understand the requirements of your business and the features you would need. If you want to adopt an employee-centric app, ensure the functions you need on automation.

If you want an app for organizing meetings for ease of operation for the HR department, MyPiHR is one of the best solutions to your requirements. It can also identify tasks that help the HR processes increase employee engagement.

With the right set of ideas and features, you can adopt the most benefits from using mobile apps for HR. As such, your business will also see a growth in productivity and performance.

Technology has spread its wings to reach out to every sector and elevate its profits in multiple ways. Why not grab your wing and make the best out of it?

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