12 Best Business Tools to Help You Raise Your Business

Business tools to raise your business

The human resource department is the core pillar of any business. Without an efficient HR department, the company would crumble. HR executives not only take the responsibility of recruitment but there are hundred other jobs under their hood.

From payroll management to performance evaluation, the HR department has to take care of many elements.

With the increase in responsibility and advancement in technology, the HR department has access to many tools. These tools are designed to make the work more efficient and structures.

Below are 12 HR software that would help raise your business.

12 Best Business Tools to Manage Your Business Easily

1. Attendance Management Software

Attendance management software helps you determine the regularity of an employee. Their leaves, daily in and out time, overtime, and other attendance-related factors are calculated. This helps in understanding if an employee is lacking or maintaining exceptional regularity.


  • Employees can provide input for their in and out time using website or mobile application
  • The software does easy overtime calculation
  • Reduces manual input of attendance and related factors

Shift Management

This is a great tool for shift-based companies where the employee shifts may change every week or month. The tool makes it easy for you to form the shift schedule based on earlier schedules. Furthermore, it is also easy for employees to check their shifts in real-time.


  • Helps admin schedule employee shifts within a short time
  • Provides reports based on the attendance record
  • Reduces late arrivals, absenteeism, and work overload

Employee Leave Application

Mails and hard copy leave applications can be hard to manage. The employee leave application software streamlines the process and brings it all under one roof. Employees will submit their leave on the application, which is approved through a layerwise structure.


  • Easy application of leave with provision to assign own task to another person
  • Instant notification to the leave reliever regarding their responsibility
  • Easy checking of leave status

Payroll Software

HR and payroll software takes care of payroll-related tasks from a single platform. HR does not have to manually manage any paperwork related to employee attendance, business requirements, and salary. All of the above needs are automatically set within the payroll software.


  • Fixed salary date for all employees with the defined salary structure
  • Lack of manual paperwork and more structured process
  • Less room for errors is generally present in manual tasks

Tax Management

A tax management tool helps manage tax calculation, tax factor control, and tax rules in one platform. This leaves no room for error since the whole process is automated. Based on the Bangladesh Government tax policy, all taxes of your business, employees, etc., will be calculated.


  • Saves time and money related to tax filing and calculation
  • Reduces scope for tax audits done by the government
  • Automatic tax calculation with zero errors

Expense Management

The tool will calculate any expenses done by the employees using business resources. Employees can also add in expenses they have paid from their own pockets. This makes it easier for the business to reimburse the amount and have complete visibility over the expenses.


  • Easy submission of expenses done for business purposes
  • Quick document uploads related to the expenses
  • The business has control and visibility over the expenses

Employee Management Tool

Employee management tool helps to keep a record of the employees working in the organization. Any information about the employee, such as their documents, blood group, email address, etc., are recorded in one place. Other crucial information like their employment status, the designation can also be stored.


  • Easy to check the status of the employee if needed
  • One platform to find any information related to a particular employee
  • Eliminates manual storage of employee information

Employee Tracking

Tracking your employees helps improve productivity and gauge employee performance. You can track their location history, current location, attendance, and office time. This is a streamlined process that helps you keep an eye on your employees.


  • Helps improve productivity by understanding which employees are performing great
  • Provides a chance to concentrate on employees who might be lacking
  • Useful reports to determine the performance and commitment of an employee

Task Management

If you want to complete different tasks on time and have smooth communication, task management software can be very helpful. This helps you set up tasks for your employees with a deadline. It will be easy for them to follow and finish it within the given deadline.


  • Set up multiple tasks and assign different employees with set deadlines
  • Easy to organize and manage our tasks on one platform
  • Increases productivity with a well-defined task management platform

Digital Notice Board

With a digital notice board, you no longer have to inform employees about an important announcement individually. It also eradicates the need for a traditional notice board. Admin can create a notice board, and the announcement will reach the employees immediately.


  • Lack of confusion or missing out on any important announcement
  • Employees get notification when any announcement is made
  • Makes it easy for the admin to inform multiple people at the same time


Getting notifications when any change occurs in the system is necessary. Both mail and pop-up notifications cannot be missed by the employees. Whether regarding their leave status, pay-slip, or any other activity, they get instant notifications.


  • Helps employees know about important changes
  • Receives both pop-up and mail notification
  • Get notifications regarding leave status, attendance, pay-slip, etc.


A business tool that ensures security is essential. It contains several important company data and employee information. This information is confidential and should never fall into the wrong hands. A secured employee management system will help the admin control the database without any mishaps.


  • Admin has control over the database security and permission application
  • Employees can download the application on one mobile phone
  • Easy to set up employees and manage them

Having good business and HR tools helps in the growth of a business. There are many other HR software in Bangladesh that you can use for business improvement. This software helps manage your employees and other tasks, which creates an impact on your business.

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