10 Features to Look for In Fingerprint Attendance Machine

10 Features to Look for In Fingerprint Attendance Machine

As the global dependency on digitalization using technology increases, using outdated and now reductant measures to manage and track employees can set back business. That is why, for SMEs and startups or any business, it is essential to be up to date with data management, tracking, analytics, and employee management systems. 

Biometrics/ Fingerprint is one of the best ways to track your employees’ hours, attendance, and data and securely manage it for auditing and analytics purposes. With the use of modern biometric attendance machines, companies can efficiently reduce labor. They also save time and divert that productivity towards the success of the ventures. 

Attendance management software can provide better organization and monitoring of the employees. However, it can also be tough to select the best one out of the numerous options suited for your needs. It is essential to look for the vital features that you would need in an efficient biometric attendance machine. With that, you’d be able to make the best possible choice for your organization.

According to Global Market Insight, Global Biometric Market is expected to top USD 50B by 2024.

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source: https://www.gminsights.com/pressrelease/biometrics-market

The Features

  1. Types

There are various types of time and attendance tracking software and machines available with different features and settings. You will need to see if those features align with your purpose and use within your organization. There can be two types of technologies used in biometric systems: Image-based, in which the system takes an image of the fingerprint and creates a biometric template of it, and Capacitive. 

Capacitive technology makes endpoint and merge points templates when the electronic pulses are used to identify the bumps and ridges on employees’ fingerprints. An attendance machine can also differ based on its capacity, size, and build. Some are made to be used near doors, and others at turnstiles.

  1. Adequate Capacity

Another critical thing to look for is the metric system’s capacity to verify, store, and analyze biometric data. The ZKTeco F22 machine from MyPiHR can track up to 3,000 fingerprints and 30,000 transactions. 

When keeping track of hundreds or potentially thousands of employees’ attendance and time, it’s important to choose an attendance system that can cater to your capacity. A larger capacity will also leave room for new employees’ enrollment and more locations in the future.

  1. Mobile Friendliness

Since many operations, even business ones, can be done using a phone. Then a biometric system should be compatible with mobile devices. This would make it easier for the organization to monitor and analyze their employee tracking data conveniently from anywhere. 

If the biometric system is compatible with cloud-based data management, then that could help in the mobile-friendliness of the machines, too. Browser integration with it can help speed up the prices and boost productivity.

  1. Connectivity

Whether USB, Internet, or other connectivity options are compatible with the attendance machines can broadly impact its smooth sailing. Internet connectivity is essential to keeping attendance management software as PiHR updated and bug-free. USB connectivity is often an optional feature to facilitate manual backup on external devices when needed.

  1. Security

Since a fingerprint attendance machine and software often keep a record of employee personal data for the organization, its security is crucial. This helps to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the business companies and employees. It also helps in protecting the system against threats and bugs. 

So, ensuring your biometric system is equipped with high-functioning security features is important before choosing your attendance machine. A sound Biometric authentication system (BAS) also lets the employer set the correct access controls. This helps inappropriately restrict non-employees and, to an extent, employee access to better protect the data.

  1. Durability

Since BAS are systems that will be used regularly and will be an integral part of an organization’s functioning, they must be durable and long-lasting. BAS made of high-quality construction, and updated technology will ensure that they run durability and efficiently for years to come.

ZKTeco F22 Fingerprint attendance Machine

7. Integration System

Be it for payroll or for attendance and time tracking. The biometric system should be capable of integration with authentication and management solutions within the software itself. If not, it should facilitate integration with other tools that can efficiently manage employee payroll data, attendance, and time tracking.

  1. Reporting

An Efficient BAS can also handle the generation of reports for various purposes when the need arises. Often an organization may need in-depth reports on the different teams or all of the employees, in which case a BAS which supports the metrics for report generation will come in handy. 

This will also help you quickly review and analyze your employee’s performance and hours individually or collectively. Such analysis will ensure that you receive accurate and timely reports while also increasing your organization’s efficacy.

  1. Budget

The biometric time and attendance software machine can come in a range of prices. Their prices often depend upon the features and options provided in the systems. There are many affordable options for biometric and HR management systems available that can help you boost productivity and help you achieve higher levels of employee satisfaction. 

The kind of machine or software you choose should be compatible with your budget. Higher prices don’t always need better products, so keeping the quality in mind is more important.

  1. Support

Although it is relatively simple to install and set up BAS and HR management systems, you may still run into trouble or confusion when first setting it up. 

That’s when support from remanufacturers and brands often comes in handy. So it is crucial to choose a trustworthy company like MyPiHR so that you can get all the expert help and support when you’re in trouble. This will help you easily understand the functions and running of the system and help you transition easily from a manual to a digitized form of employee management.


Upgrading to a digital employee management and tracking system can change your business’s entire flow for the better. It will help you save time and effort on spreadsheets and manual clock ins and clock outs. It will also make it easier for you to manage employee data and keep your employees happy. 

So, investing in a Fingerprint attendance machine system can be a step towards ensuring your venture’s progress. 

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