10 Benefits HR Software Can Deliver to HR Department

Benefits HR Software Can Deliver

In today’s world, all manual jobs do significantly crave the help of digital technology. From packaging products to banking, each action requires digital technology to ease life and maximize working efficiency.

By 2021, the Year of Digital Bangladesh, most of the reputed Bangladeshi offices and organizations have already begun to operate their Human Resource Departments digitally. And the rest are following their path in developing the technologies and HR software in Bangladesh. IT firms like MyPiHR, HRM Bangladesh are prioritizing updated tools urgently.

Now the question is – Why are all these offices and organizations using HR Software? The answer is simple. There are many complex manual jobs an HR professional needs to do. HR Software operates these tasks with pinpoint accuracy and makes your job easier. There is a lot of benefits HR Software can bring to your department. Today we are discussing 10 benefits of HR Software for your official betterment. Hope these will feed your head to step forward.  

1. Biometric Attendance System

To ensure service quality the employers or authorities need to know whether the employees do attend their offices on time. Also, it is important to record their leaving time. Especially for a physically vast office or factory, it is really difficult to track in and out times. The problem is- escapists may reach the office late or leave before due time.

However, a fingerprint attendance machine solves this problem very smartly securing more accountability between the employee and employer. Nowadays fingerprint attendance machines became a must-have for small-large industries.

Biometric Attendance System

2. Payroll Processing

One of the primary tasks of HR Software is to process payrolls for employees. It is the most important manual task of the HR department. But the manual calculation consumes plenty of time and there are chances of mistakes. So using the software will surely be a pragmatic approach. This software’s automated function documents the pay scale data or tracks the reaching, leaving, and overtime of your employees. Counting all the variables the software processes an accurate payroll for each of the employees. And this way it becomes so easy to process payrolls for hundreds of employees without any mistake. 

3. Bank Deposits

Almost all the standard offices and organizations in Bangladesh pay their employees through bank deposits. Transferring money manually, tracking banking information, account management can be a headache for the HR department. But HR management software does the job for you in a few minutes! Every month you can deposit money at the accurate pay scale to hundreds of employees’ bank accounts. 

4.  Self Service

In an automated HR payroll system, there isn’t any chance of calculation mistake, unless the inputs are wrong or the credentials mismatch. Sometimes, misunderstanding or misinformation gets input in datasheets. Later, employees notice this after payment. So, to solve this sort of problem there is a self-service option in the HR Payroll Software System. With this, employees can check their draft payroll before they get into the finance department. And if there is any calculation mistake in the overtime or earned leave, the employers can suggest edits to the HR department.

5. Income Tax Return Form

Usually when the Income Tax Return submission date gets closer employees rush toward the lawyers and logisticians to fill up their income tax return form. But it is very easy with HR software! The software can automate calculations when tax-time is closer. It can pre-fill employees’ tax info with the data already in the system avoiding any kinds of input errors.

6. Tax Management

We see changes in the tax laws almost every year. The tax rates, TDS, and other calculations vary. The complex tax laws sometimes even confuse the HR officers and employees. But with the HR management software, it is simple to cope with changing laws. For instance, when the TDS rate changes in the law, you just need to update the data in the software. And it will calculate and deduct the accurate TDS from all employees’ salaries thereby.

7. Personal Data Storage

For various cases, an employer seeks information about a specific employee or a group of employees. It might be about transferring positions, opening up a new wing or department, finding a suitable employee for a new position, and even for civil act violations or police inquiries. The standard HR department always stores data and files of employees including their work history, CVs, Biodata, and personal information. HR software makes it way easier to store data digitally and to find them within minutes when authority needs them.

8. HR Report

Every office and department produces reports annually, bi-yearly, and quarterly for AGMs, for specific clients, or assessments. These reports are bases on companies’ policies and programs. The promotions and appraisals of the employees also depend on these reports. Report-making isn’t an easy task. It can take months to produce an AGM report following exact statistics and info.

HR Management software helps to produce reports to a large extent. It stores necessary statistics and info so that the HR professionals. Also, it automates monthly stats and records to avoid the official hassle.

9. Scheduling and Time Table Management

Scheduling shifts, roaster duties, and processing routines are not easy, especially when an office collaborates with hundreds of employees. For schools, universities, banks and manufacturing factories making a suitable timetable is a must. With the help of HR management software, employees can be divided into shifts and officials can schedule suit time for meetings too. The software also tracks all the shifts fulfilled and employees attending the shifts at their due time.

Scheduling and Time Table Management

10. Loan, Bonus, and Allowance Management

The HR management software can precisely record all the bonuses, increments, or allowances data. Using the information that exists in the database the software sends the increment or allowance directly to the employee’s account. It also manages loan and pension files and calculates the plans according to the time frame provided.

All these advantages will help you reduce efforts and working-hours in the HR department. It saves unnecessary expenses for manual jobs and transportation automatically. In HRM software, the chances of any mess up are almost zero. 

Bangladesh is developing in the IT sector. All the companies are now affectionately adopting digital technology. No doubt, today or tomorrow all the firms are going to adopt HRM software for their operational progress.

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